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Frequently Asked Questions of Potential Tiny Home Owners

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Anyone that has ever thought about downsizing to a tiny home and living a simpler lifestyle that may be better within their financial means has more than likely come into many questions and concerns about this significant shift. Tiny home living can come with a lot of improvements but there can also be many things to get used to, as well as some minor setbacks.Frequently Asked Questions of Potential Tiny Home Owners

Here are Some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions of People Considering the Tiny Home Lifestyle

Where Will I Place My Tiny Home?

Currently, the largest number of tiny homes are built with mobility in mind. This allows the homeowner to move locations just like you would with an RV or a camper van. It is legal to park a tiny home in any location meant for camping with these types of recreational vehicles. Some mobile tiny homeowners even find it helpful to utilize mobile home parks.

If you are hoping to have your tiny home set in a permanent location it could be a little bit more detail-oriented to find a piece of land. You want to make sure that you are picking a location that is within proper zoning laws. There are still a few locations around the country that do not recognize tiny homes as actual homes and as such it creates a need for some creativity when classifying your home.

You want to make sure that you know what a tiny home is classified as in the area you hope to set it. In many places, tiny homes are considered accessory dwelling units also known as ADUs. Every distinct location is going to come with its own particular zoning laws and they will also include how you plan to use the home.

What permits are needed?

When building any type of home or even conducting a small construction project on an existing home you need a permit. The required permits for your specific tiny home will depend upon if you plan to make it a mobile home or a permanent one, and again, it all comes back to the zoning laws of your specific location. It is always best to check in with the zoning office where you plan to live in your tiny home.

What About Sustainability?

One of the biggest draws to the tiny home lifestyle has been that it makes less of an environmental impact. Living on a smaller scale will make a smaller impact but you will need to also make decisions on living more environmentally friendly in your day-to-day life. This starts with the materials you choose to build your tiny home. It also has a lot to do with the systems you plan to put into the home.

What About the Storage?

Having enough storage really comes down to the number of belongings you decide to retain before moving into your tiny home. You really only need enough storage for the number of belongings you have. There are many creative ways to incorporate storage into small unused areas of tiny homes. You would be surprised at all of the clever organization systems made for tiny homes right now. In some cases, tiny homeowners feel like they have more storage solutions than large traditional homes.

How Much Would a Tiny Home Cost Me?

The overall cost of a tiny home is dependent on many different factors. In general, the average tiny home costs around $15,000-$150,000. Of course, this is accounting for what a majority of people decide to do when they build a tiny home. There are some tiny homes that have cost as much as $1 million to construct. These are, of course, in very expensive locations where purchasing land costs a lot more money. Luxury finishes put in to make a tiny home feel like it is a miniature version of a mansion will cost more money as well.

When it comes down to it your personal tiny home questions are best answered by contacting a builder of a tiny home and letting them know your ideas. They can help to steer you in the right direction with more specific information about your personal plans.

For more information on building a tiny home in Puget Sound and surrounding areas please contact us anytime or stop by and visit us in person.

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