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6 Space Saving Techniques for Storage Sheds

Storage Sheds are super useful outbuildings that enable us to store our things neatly while they are not in use. They give us a place for everything to be neatly in its place. When we set up organizations systems in our shed we can fit even more useful items neatly into that space and more easily find those items when we need to use them again.

Here Are Some Great Ideas for Maximizing the Space Inside Storage Sheds.6 Space Saving Techniques for Storage Sheds

Pegboard and Hooks

Hanging a pegboard on the walls is a good way to store smaller items on the walls instead of on the floors or on the counter and shelf space. To be super organized with it, you can even trace around each item you hang after you pick a place to hang it so you know where to put things away when you are done.

Ceiling Tracks to Hang Containers

You can purchase ceiling tracks that can hold storage containers in the roofline instead of having them take up valuable floor space. Of course, your ceiling would need to be flat for this to work though.

Towel Rods

Towel rods can be very useful for hanging and organizing items like clamps or spray bottles. It is a creative way to get more useable space out of your shelves. Check out hanging a towel rod in a cabinet on Pinterest to see what we mean.

6 Space Saving Techniques for Storage ShedsSpace Between Studs

Make use of those extra bits of space on the exterior walls between the studs to hang items like shovels, the weed eater, or the leaf blower. If you have a loft in your storage sheds you can make a ladder up to the loft area by simply nailing pieces of 2×4 to the studs.

Wall Bike Rack

If you use your storage sheds to store outdoor toys such as bikes you can make better use of your space by hanging the bikes sideways on the wall in a wall bike rack. With the right plans you can even make your own for as little as $20.

Adjustable Shelving

For a little more of your investment dollars, you could go to a home improvement store or a store that sells organization systems and purchase an adjustable shelving system. These systems offer the ability to install shelves, drawers, and wall hanging systems that you can adjust and shift around as you need too. So maybe you need a system of plastic container drawers now to store cords and then later if you need to switch them to shelves for something else you can. You are not stuck committing to a certain organizational lay out.

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