Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does My New Building Come With A Warranty?

YES! Every one of our buildings comes with a 10 year limited warranty. The customer must paint all exteriors of the building within 90 days of the build completion date in order to qualify for the warranty. There may be deductibles with your warranty, contact us today for find out more!


2. How Long Will My Building Take To Build?

Most of our buildings are completed within 1-2 days. The more complex or customized the build the longer it may take to complete. Contact our sales lot for more information. The sales manager should be able to give you a more accurate build time for the specific building you are interested in.


3. What form of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept Cash/Check/Money Order/Visa/MasterCard/AMEX


4. Do You Offer Financing?

Occasionally we will have financing options available. These options come and go, so it is best to contact the sales manager. They will be able to best explain your options.

Warranty Support?

Are you looking for warranty support? E-Mail us at to get the process started.

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