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What Are Mini Cabins?

Mini cabinWe love this term more than a tiny house because a tiny house identifies as a fully working home just in a smaller version. That’s not exactly what we do and that’s why people save money with Aurora Quality Builders. We have created custom storage sheds and recreational cabins since 1989. All of our building prices include construction with a variety of different roof styles, designs, and layouts to suit your location and your needs.

So why would you use a mini cabin?

A mini cabin is perfect for a hunting cabin, fishing cabin in the woods, a shed, or any recreational type of cabin. Our base building prices include the labor, construction, and 100% wood construction, not something that most people that build these types of sheds provide. We use no particleboard or waferboard and all of our mini cabins need to be on 2-inch concrete leveling blocks up to 12 inches of leveling blocks included and treated 4 x 4 skids of up to 16 foot in length. Of course, everything is custom designed even though you can stop by our location at 14418 Smoky Point Blvd. in Marysville Washington at any time and take a look at our existing mini cabins for sale. During home shows we do provide discounts and we may offer discounts on existing mini cabins already constructed.

Did you know that there is no permit required for up to a 400 ft.² shed in Snohomish County? This is perfect for those that want to build a mini cabin either on their property, back lot, or just have an additional mini cabin for storage or even to build out and finish to provide a tiny house.

So, what do we provide?

We simply build the construction of the property. We do not drywall, install plumbing or heating, and finish off the inside with custom flooring or carpet. However, I do have multiple reliable contractors that do this type of work.

So why choose Aurora Quality Builders over general contractor?

Most general contractors want large jobs and so a small shed or mini cabin just isn’t feasible for their type of work. But, that’s exactly what we specialize in. We love mini cabins and if you just need a basic mini cabin on your property with either a traditional pitch or barn style roof, one or two stories, built out with a workshop and bench or an even more simplistic design, we can provide it all. If you want more intricate work, drywall, painting, or interior features, I have a list of qualified and reliable contractors that finish our mini cabins.

Whether you’re looking for a shed in the woods, hunting or fishing cabin, or looking to build out a tiny house with a loft, our cabins are built out of solid wood for top quality materials and finishes. Call us today for a quote or stop by at any time to take a look at our construction and on-site buildings.

We can customize any of these buildings to your exact specifications.