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Is it Cheaper to Build or Buy a Shed?

If you are on a strict budget to put up a shed in your yard, you are probably wondering if it would be better to just build the entire thing from scratch yourself.  Is it Cheaper to Build or Buy a Shed? There are many posts on websites like Pinterest that draw you in with titles like “How I Built a Backyard Shed for Less than $300.”

It is common when someone builds their own shed to forget about the finer details of building a shed and how that relates to the actual cost breakdown of a shed. Here are some of the reasons why purchasing a custom built shed is more beneficial when it comes to the final cost.

Shed Builders Pay Less for Building MaterialsIs it Cheaper to Build or Buy a Shed?

Since shed builders are constantly building sheds, they are buying a large amount of materials and they can purchase their building materials in bulk at a much cheaper price than someone just building one shed walking into the lumber store. The nice thing about this is the cost is less for materials when you pay to have a shed built and you also are not stuck with an odd pile of leftover materials that just hangs around your home taking up space.

Professional Custom Built Sheds Last Longer

This is a huge determining factor in the savings of purchasing a shed built for you. A shed built by a professional company that makes shed building their focus and guarantees their work is going to last much longer than one you will build on your own. A professional knows all of the finer details of building a shed that will last and will not need any repairs or maintenance for some time. This saves money over the life of your shed.

It Takes Time to Build a Shed

Not many of us can say we have an extra week or two to devote to building our own shed. If shed building is not something you can drop everything else to pay attention to you are going to be subject to smaller amounts of free time to work on building it. Professional builders can get the work done in less than half the time because they can devote the time to it and can also get it done quicker because they build sheds all the time. You have to ask yourself what your time is worth to you and if you want to devote all of your free time to a shed for a while.

So, while it seems cheaper to build your own shed from scratch, over the entire life of your shed you will be putting in less time and money to keep your shed standing when you invest in a professional custom built shed. A professional custom built shed will come with a warranty and no worries of needed repairs for several years when it is kept clean.

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