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7 Ways a Custom Garage Can Improve Your Life

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Looking to invest in a custom-built garage? Here’s how it can change your life!

Did you know that Aurora Quality Buildings constructs custom-built garages as well? Whether you are building on a new parcel of land, building an additional garage in a subdivision, or just need extra space, we can help you design and customize a garage that fits your vehicles, your lifestyle, your budget, and future goals for your property. Here are seven ways a custom garage can improve your life.

#1. Custom-built garages can protect your vehicle investments.

Did you know that vehicles are the second largest investment to a house? If you’re spending tens of thousands of dollars on a vehicle, it makes sense to build a quality garage to protect it. A simple 12 x 24 garage is an affordable option that can protect your investment.

#2. Protect from the elements.

The last thing you want is for vehicles, RVs, and equipment to get damaged from wind, hail, rain, and bleached from the sun. You can protect all of your vehicles and your investments from bird droppings, dew-fall, and everything from the outdoor environment. If you have a tent trailer or a small RV, keeping them inside will protect them for future use and the resale value.

#3. Protection from theft.

This is probably one of the biggest ways you can protect your investment. Leaving vehicles out leaves them susceptible to theft and burglary. You don’t want anything stolen or just even damaged so keeping them in a garage will keep them safe and protected.

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#4. Improves curbside appeal.

Homeowners can spend a lot of money improving their curb appeal but if you have a lot of vehicles or equipment left out, it downgrades the curb appeal dramatically. Keeping all of your investments in vehicles inside of a custom garage will improve your curb appeal and make it look less cluttered and more organized.

#5. It can lower insurance rates.

Having a custom-built garage to protect your assets may even save you money on your vehicle insurance. Be sure to talk with your insurance company on incentives to keeping your property, equipment, and vehicles safe, secure, and out of sight in a custom-built garage.

#6. Vehicles operate better.

Did you know that vehicles that are kept safe, warm, and in a consistent environment with their fluid and oil levels in a stable condition can lead to an engine that runs better than those that sit outside? You won’t have to worry about scraping down your car on icy mornings, waiting for it to warm up wasting precious gas, and your car will either heat up or cool down quicker when kept in a garage.

#7. Cars are not driven that often.

Whether you have antiques, collectible cars, investment cars, assets, or just equipment, according to transportation experts vehicles are typically only driven 5% of the time. That means that they are sitting parked 95% of the time and if it is sitting parked for the vast majority, it makes sense to have it out of sight if possible.

We want your custom-built garage to be exactly what you’re looking for. We can customize a design that allows for additional storage, loft space, double wide, extended, or even install workbenches to make it not only a great location for vehicles and equipment but a workspace for you as well.

We have a lot of standard options but we can customize anything to suit your taste, lifestyle, and budget. Give us a call today or stop by our showroom on Smoky Point Blvd. in North Marysville. We have plenty to choose from and you can see how our custom-built garages are designed, laid out, and we only use 100% solid wood construction. Check out Pricing

Give us a call today. 1-800-405-SHED (7433)

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