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4 Differences Between Custom Built Garages vs. Garage Kits

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What is a Garage Kit? Is it the better way to go? Currently purchasing garage kits that come in the mail for small buildings has gained in popularity. Right now you can order a kit to build anything from a small shed to a complete tiny home. When it comes to building a garage for more vehicle space which is better? A kit, or a custom build? 4 Differences Between Custom Built Garages vs. Garage Kits

Here are some things to consider when deciding on what type of garage to purchase:

Design4 Differences Between Custom Built Garages vs. Garage Kits

If you are hoping to have freedom of the design, size, layout, etc. Then a custom-built garage would be the better choice. There are some nice garage kits out there, but part of the reason they can offer a lower price is they stick to a limited set of choices that are mass-produced. With a custom-built garage there is much more room to turn your garage into something you truly want.


This difference is a big reason why many people look into a garage kit. As mentioned a garage kit is generally less expensive. We say generally because though the upfront costs are lower, with time a garage kit can end up costing you more money. There are also extra costs that come with building a garage kit not many people think about. Such as purchasing the proper tools to construct it, laying the foundation to set it up, paint, roofing etc. depending upon what comes in the kit you purchase. Adding all of this up and the shorter expected lifespan you will find that a custom garage is the better money investment.


Buying a kit requires your time. Unless you hire someone to build the kit for you (large added cost) Unless you plan to take time off of your daily job, you will need to find time to work on building the garage in between performing your day job. This can delay the finish of your garage and make it take much longer than it would to have a custom garage built.

Guarantees and Lifespan

Garage kits sometimes guarantee the materials for a limited amount of time, but they can’t guarantee the workmanship and all of the extra needs that go into getting the garage up. A custom-built shed will have a longer and more complete guarantee because the entire building and the work to build it can be guaranteed. All of this results in a longer lifespan of usefulness for your garage as well.

Is a Garage Kit or a Custom Built Garage Better for You?

The answer depends on your particular situation. If you are wanting to invest in a garage structure that will last and you do not want to have to make any repairs to it or do any major maintenance for a long time then a custom-built garage is the way to go. If you are looking for something that is a lower cost just to get you by for a little while because you plan on moving or upgrading when you can save up enough money then a garage kit might be the better choice, for now.

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