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Should I Add Onto My Garage or Build a New Detached Garage?

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Having enough garage space has become increasingly important to homeowners and buyers. In fact when people go shopping for new homes one of the top reported wish list items is a sizeable garage.

If you are considering a new garage, there are a few important things to consider before building. We have formulated a few of these important things to get you started.

Know the Zoning LawsShould I Add Onto My Garage or Build a New Detached Garage?

Before getting caught up in dreams of what your new garage is going to look like, it is best to know the zoning laws for your property. Sometimes zoning laws will include limitations on a garage including where it can be located on the property, any size limitations, the type of roofing and drainage it should have, etc. Checking out zoning laws before you start planning will help you to know what is plannable.

Should You Add Onto the Garage or Build a Whole New Detached Garage?

If you are only looking for a new bay to park a car or just an indoor place to park at all, an attached garage is probably you best option. If you are hoping to have an area where you can work, store extra items, or have an extra guest space or apartment a detached garage might be the way to go. It will allow for noise inside that does not disturb the rest of the home.

How Many Parking Spots?

Should I Add Onto My Garage or Build a New Detached Garage?The answer to this might go back to zoning and what you are allowed or it could be a matter of how big you prefer the garage to be. It could also come down to the amount of space you have where you want to put the garage or your budget. The standard dimensions for a one car garage is 14×20 feet, a two car garage is about 20×24 feet. If you are hoping for additional space for storage or a work bench you will want to add about 6 to 8 feet.

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What About the Driveway?

To get the car into the garage you are going to want a driveway. For a single car garage it is best to plan for a 10 foot wide driveway connecting the street to the garage. Keep in mind the location of this driveway and if there are any obstacles like trees in the way that will need to come down to make enough space. A two-car garage should have between a 20 and 24-foot wide driveway.

If your home is on a busy street you may want to build a driveway large enough for you to turn your car around so that you do not have to back into busy traffic.

We can help you build a garage that looks like it fits perfectly into your property whether you choose an attached addition or a detached completely brand new garage. For more information please contact us or come by and visit us in Marysville.

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