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Is a Three-Car Garage a Good Investment


Are you thinking about putting a bigger garage on your home? What about upping the size to a three-car garage? Is it worth the money?

Reasons to Build a Three-Car Garage

If you have three drivers in the family, have a third car for other reasons, have a motorcycle, or even a child that will be driving in the next few years, a three-car garage is a useful investment. If you do not plan on living in your current home for the rest of your life, a larger garage can also bring a higher listing price to your home.

Having a garage to park your car in allows you to protect the car from the elements of the weather like rain, snow, tree limbs falling in harsh winds, hail, etc. it also gives an added measure of security from crime.

Having a third garage bay can also be useful if you need more storage in your home. Some homeowners with three-car garages decide to use this space for lawn and garden equipment or as a workshop space. While others just need more room to put away things that are only used seasonally. If you are currently paying a storage facility to hold your overflow items, you can save a large sum of money over time by bringing those things back home and storing them in a larger garage.

How Much Would A Three-Car Garage Impact the Re-sale Value of Your Home?

Consider other houses in your neighborhood and the surrounding larger neighborhood area where you live. If a large number of homes immediately around you or within a few minutes from your home have three-car garages, it could make your home harder to sell if it only has a two-car garage. If most homes only have one or two-car garages, adding a third space to your garage may be looked at as a bonus, but not a must have to buyers wanting to move to that area. Of course, if a buyer is deciding between two homes they love in the same neighborhood and one offers a two-car garage, while the other has a three-car garage, the three-car garage could be a deciding factor in what home they want to buy. Making the investment in the larger garage is usually going to be a good investment choice unless you live in a neighborhood where people just don’t really utilize garage space.

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