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3 Ways to Make Your Garage a Selling Point for Your Home

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A garage can look like one of two things when trying to sell a home, an empty space to keep cars and/or where clutter builds up, or a place that provides easy access to your parked car and organized useable storage that provides value.

Having a quality garage on your home or even a detached garage on your property can help add value to your home if you plan to resale it someday. Here are some ways you can make that garage seem much more useful and valuable for when you do decide to sell your home.

Create Organized Storage3 Ways to Make Your Garage a Selling Point for Your Home

For a while in recent years past, a garage was seen as a place to drop large amounts of stuff while keeping the car outside. Today things are a little different, in that people want to park their cars in them again AND be able to use them for a little bit of extra storage.

If you have some extra room in your garage, it is a great idea to set up an organized system to allow you, and future buyers, to easily store some extra items. Here are some great options for doing so:

Overhead storage: if your garage does not have a large amount of extra floor space beyond housing the car, use the rafters. Check out some ideas on google, or Pinterest to help you create a way to keep things in the roofline of the garage.

Shelving: Some sturdy floor to ceiling shelving along the side wall or the back of the garage in the extra floor space that your car does not consume is in high demand with buyers right now. It creates a nice aesthetic that instantly communicates plenty of extra storage for all the buyer’s things. There are many different shelving styles to fit design aesthetic and budget.

Pegboards: this is a great way to hang stuff on walls like garden tools and hardware items with the freedom to switch things up and choose how you need things to be stored.

Cabinets: If you want to go all out with a luxe organizational system having cabinets installed to provide plenty of space to store things that get to be tucked away out of sight is the way to go.

Upgrade the Flooring

Epoxy flooring makes the garage look finished and fancy as well as adding functional benefit. Epoxy helps to make your garage floors more durable and reduces the chances of slips and falls. Your garage floor takes a beating with the things that get dragged in by the car tires. Garage floors get worn down and cracked. Epoxy helps to protect against garage floor wear, plus it looks really nice.

Don’t’ Forget Curb Appeal

The first impression a buyer has of your home is what it looks like from the outside. This is also the first impression the home is going to give their friends and family when they invite them over. It is like the clothes of your home. The outside appearance of the garage plays a large role in the curb appeal of your home. Consider painting or upgrading the door to add luxe and interest. Windows can add tons of curb appeal as well.

Making your garage a key highlight of your home will be an added benefit to you both now and later when you decide to sell it.

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