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6 Tips for Designing a Detached Garage to Look Good with Your House

A detached garage can be a great asset to your property, it can be an extra parking space, storage, workspace, etc. One thing that is not so great is when a garage does not look like it belongs with the house. It may provide the function, but it sticks out like a sore thumb and can even deter buyers or bring the value of your home down should you try to sell it.

There are some things you can do to avoid building a detached garage that doesn’t really look like it belongs in your yard near your home. Follow these design and planning tips before beginning your detached garage project.

Consider the Placement6 Tips for Designing a Detached Garage to Look Good with Your House

This may not seem like the biggest deal to consider as far as looks of your garage go, but it is hugely important. Where you place a detached garage and how large it is cannot be changed after it is built. You want to make sure that the garage does not take up crucial land space or violate zoning laws for your property. You also don’t want the garage to be so big that it overpowers your home and becomes the main focal point of the property.

Consider Structural Design

What is the overall architectural design of your home? This should be mimicked in your detached garage. You don’t want to build a farm or barn style garage next to a modern architecture home. It just won’t look cohesive. The best idea for making a garage look like it has always been part of the property is to bring the exact same design elements from your home to your garage.

Use the Same Siding

The siding on your home covers most of its easily seen surfaces. It is one of the most noticeable things about your home from the street. Matching the siding material from your home and carrying it over to your garage is key to making it look like it belongs with your home. Size, color, pattern all need to be taken into account when matching up the siding materials.

Match the Roofing

The roofing is almost as important as the siding. It is best to use the exact roofing you have on your home for your garage. Having traditional roofing shingles on your home and installing a metal roof or terra cotta tiles would look very out of place. Make sure that not just the materials match up, but the colors as well.


To go the extra mile and really make the detached garage look like it has always stood on the property with the home, match up the landscaping around the outside or the garage to the landscaping that is around your home so that it seamlessly fits in.

Think of the Little Details

Look at the finer design details of the outside of your home. Are there shutters? Is the door a special finish or color? Consider mirroring these things on your garage. Try to match the garage door color to your front door color. Take your time to think about the distinct exterior design details of your home and how to carry them over to your garage.

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