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10 Fun Things About a She Shed

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As long as the man cave is a thing, the she shed deserves its own place. It’s only fair that women get their own place… And you can’t say that they have the whole house because most women catered to the needs of their family so having their own, private special place, will create that lovely and relaxing oasis they’ve always wanted.

Our garden sheds and mini cabins make the perfect she shed. This really is a beautiful retreat to call your own. It can be anything you want. Are you looking for a crafting corner, somewhere to curl up and read a book? Maybe a gardening shed or a combination of all of the above. Man caves have been so popular for so long that it’s only a matter of time that she sheds quickly and has become the most popular equivalent for women. Here are 10 fun things about as she shed, ideas to keep in mind, and tips to know if you’re looking to build your own backyard she shed.

#1. Think about what you want to use it for.10 Fun Things About a She Shed

Decide what you want to use it for and then plan the necessities around that lifestyle. If you’re gardening you’ll want more shelves and workbenches for potting plants at a decent height so you don’t have to bend over. If you’re planning on an artist’s haven, you’ll want to leave more space for easels with shelves for paint and supplies. For simply a quiet space to reflect and relax, maybe a few floating shelves, comfy loveseat or chair, and maybe a spot for a mobile coffee bar such as am upcycled wardrobe.

#2. Consider the weather.

Will you be using this in all types of weather? Then you’ll probably want a way that you can close it off from the elements. Simply having a sheet across the front opening probably won’t suffice, especially if you have temperature-sensitive items in size such as books or paints. Do you need the shed to be completely sealed? Does it need to be soundproof in case you want to blast your music at 10 o’clock at night?

#3. Will it need to be insulated?

Aurora Quality Buildings offers a basic framework for she sheds but if you needed to be insulated or if you’re planning on installing a gas or wood-burning stove for heat or even wiring it for electricity, that will need to be done by a professional electrician and contractor. We have several that we recommend that have worked for years with our type of sheds.

#4. Modern or rustic?

While our sheds provide a solid wood frame, it’s up to you to decide the design and style. We can custom design a she shed for your lifestyle and whatever design you have going on in your mind. Whether it’s a modern and contemporary style or a more rustic, country feel, we can create the perfect design for your she shed.

She Shed#5. Don’t go too small.

Think about all of the items you’re going to put in your shed. If they simply don’t fit, you’ll need to rethink the size of your she shed. Make sure it’s at least big enough to hold all of the items you want as well as a 3 x 3′ space around it for you to move. If you are unsure, map out the size you’re thinking with tape on the ground and then see if you can put everything you want inside that frame. If there’s no room to move, you’ll need a bigger space.

#6. Alfresco?

During the warm summer months, there’s nothing more pleasant than eating outside. If you’re considering using this as a dining she shed, consider having double doors to allow for more people in and around the table. Perhaps you want to fit a buffet inside up against the wall where it can provide utensils and a place for a buffet. Outdoor dining is ideal so having to door entrances will allow the sunshine and air to flow freely but still give you the sense of a covered oasis.

#7. Higher ceilings will make the place look bigger.

The last thing you want is to feel crowded and cramped in your she shed so consider making the roof or the ceiling a little bit taller than you might’ve originally expected. This will make the space feel more expansive and it just does something to you mentally feeling like you have more room to breathe.

#8. Do you want a second floor?10 Fun Things About a She Shed

Our she sheds can be built with stairs or loft-style stairs to a second floor. This might be ideal for catching an afternoon nap or just some extra storage space for your art, crafting, or gardening supplies.

#9. Do you want windows?

We have built sheds and cabins with and without windows but a couple of windows either on each side or to towards the back will allow more natural light in and are perfect for decorating with window boxes or even curtains.

#10. Consider electricity.

If you’re planning on putting electricity in your she shed, and most people do, make sure you consider how much capacity your current panel board can take.  You don’t want to exceed the circuit capacity. You certainly wouldn’t want to have the whole thing completed only to discover you need an expensive new panel board and line from the local utility provider. This is something that should be decided ahead of time so you know exactly what you’re going to use your shed for and how much electricity you’ll need to the shed.

If you’re ready to start designing your she shed, stop by our showroom on Smokey Point Blvd or browse all our shed designs here and call for a free quote.

Check out this Pinterest Page for Ideas on She Sheds

Image by Scott Lewis


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