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The Pros and Cons of Insulating a Garage

Most garages are not insulated, as it is not a requirement for building a garage that it be insulated. Insulation is a material that is placed in the hollow space between the exterior wall and the interior drywall. It serves the purpose to help regulate the temperature inside. It can help to keep the room warm in cold weather and cooler in warm weather. It can also work as a sound barrier.

A home with proper high-quality insulation can also be more energy-efficient. It is not standard for garages to be insulated in any way like a other parts of the home that you actually live in. You can choose to insulate your garage walls, ceiling, and even the big door.

The Benefits of Insulating a Garage

There are a lot of great benefits to insulating a garage.

  • The first and most obvious of course is the slowing of the transference of heat or cold. Insulation does not completely trap heat or cold in a space but it does slow down the rate at which it travels outside of the walls.
  • If you are planning to use your garage for things other than parking your car and plan to heat it then you will certainly want to insulate it.
  • If you do park your car in the garage and you live in an area with extreme temperatures, your car will benefit from the protection of not being left out in the extreme weather.
  • The extra temperature regulation will allow you to store more items out in the garage. There are several things in your home that should not be stored in an outdoor shed or uninsulated garage. Some of these items include holiday candles, artwork, and paint. An insulated garage allows you to store these items.
  • Insulation in a garage helps to provide a sound buffer so playing your music while exercising or working on the car will be a lot less intrusive to the neighbors.

The Downside of Insulating a Garage

Though there are many good reasons to insulate a garage there are also some things to consider before investing in insulation.

  • If you do not spend the money to insulate the garage door it is a failed effort. All of the cracks and openings should be filled in to make the insulation effective. The garage door will be a huge source of lost heat or cooling if not insulated.
  • If you plan to continue to use the garage for your car and live in a very warm climate, you can actually cause the opposite of what you wanted. A super-hot garage. A warm running car in a warm room will only trap more heat in. If you need to open your garage door in the summer to let the heat out, insulating a garage is not a great idea for the area that you live.
  • Little to no return on investment. The cost of insulation is not a gigantic one, but it is a significant one and the cost increases with a larger garage. If you are insulating your garage with a little hope that it will be beneficial to the sale price when you choose to move out, it won’t really be a significant return on investment.

Is insulating your garage a smart choice? It really depends on how you plan to use your garage. If you are hoping to spend more time in there or are looking for more storage space for items that need temperature control then it is a good idea. If you only plan to do it to make the garage look nice or seem more appealing when selling, it is a cost better left unspent.

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