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Why Build a New Garage?

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Did you buy a house without a garage? So you need a garage? There are many reasons homeowners choose to build a new garage or upgrade a garage. Here are some of the top reasons.

Reason #1Why Build a New Garage?

More Space

This is the most popular reason that people build a new garage, they need more space. They are hoping to add space for another car, to store more items that seem to be overtaking the home, or to have some room for hobbies. Whether adding to your current garage, putting a garage on a home that doesn’t have one, or building an extra detached garage, they can all help to bring more space to your home for whatever you need it for.

Reason #2

Increase the Property Value

In the last few years, having enough garage space has been on many homebuyer lists. It is a sought after attribute of homes right now, especially in places that are cold and rainy for much of the year, like here in the northwest. A new garage with room for two or three cars is very appealing to buyers. Some homes benefit from extra out buildings, especially in more rural areas. Plenty of storage space is also at the top of home buyer wants.

Reason #3

Tired of Parking Outside

Some people that own older or smaller homes, purchased the home without a garage and would like to be able to walk directly from the inside of their home to their car without going out in the cold, getting rained on, having to scrape ice off their car, or having to dig through the snow. A garage protects you and your car from being out in the elements.

Reason #4

Starting a Home Based Business

This has become an increasingly big reason that homeowners build a new garage. Since the pandemic has brought us all back to spending a lot of time at home many people are looking for more space to do work at home in. Some people are looking for ways to create new or extra income and are starting home-based business ventures. There are many people that have branched out into doing something they truly love and with this, they have found a need for space to do it in. A detached garage or even a custom-built shed is a great place to be able to conduct business from home.

There are many great reasons to build a new garage on your home or on your property. For more information on our custom-built garages please check out our page on garages, contact us any time, or come and visit us in Marysville. We construct Custom GaragesMini CabinsSheds, and Decks

Stop by our showroom lot in North Marysville for  free tour or to start your custom build on a garage on your lot. We also do custom sheds and tiny houses as well. Contact us at anytime for more information on how you can build a new garage on your property or lot.

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