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3 Ways to Organize a Garage on a Budget

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New year – New budget? New Year’s is the time many of us get motivated to clean and organize areas of our homes to make them more easily useful and less stressful to our everyday lives. One of the most common areas is the garage, but what can you do to make your garage a less stressful and more easily useful area in your home when you don’t have a large amount of money? Garage organization systems can get expensive.

Here are some ideas for organizing your garage on a budget.3 Ways to Organize a Garage on a Budget

Slat Wall Panels

Hanging items on the wall is a great way to get things up off the floor and out of piles and it’s easy on the budget. It is less expensive than shelving systems, and it helps you to easily see where items are to quickly grab them. Slat panels are moisture and scratch-resistant and can be purchased piece by piece at any hardware store. No fancy system to buy. You can hang them easily by screwing them to the walls at the studs. They are very sturdy and allow for many different things to be hung from the wall.

Slat panels are even available in a variety of colors allowing you to pick your favorite and express some personal style. You can even purchase matching screws, and have them cut to the exact size you need.

Slat Panel Accessories

To make your slat wall work even better for you, there are a number of great accessories you can use with a slat wall system. You can hang shelves, bins, baskets, hooks, and many more. Here are some things you can do with the slat panel accessories:

  • Hang Bikes

A horizontal bike rack allows the avid biker to hang their bike on the wall up and out of the way, while still easily accessing it. Some bike hangers also have a small basket to place your helmet and other accessories right next to the bike.

  • Sporting Gear

May many garages have a plethora of sports gear in tumbling piles, making for a stressful time trying to get the kids out the door and to practice. Eliminate the stress of searching for missing items last minute with specific hangars made for holding balls, golf clubs, hockey equipment, etc. You can use hooks to hang baseball gloves, cleats, and hats. There are even special hangars for fishing poles and racks that are designed for holding multiple types of sports equipment. Be organized and stay on budget.

  • Lawn and Garden Tools

We all have a good amount of these necessary items laying around the house. Slat wall panels are a great way to hang and see where all of these commonly used items are at.

  • Hand Tools

Easily store needed tools right where you can see them. No more searching for that wrench or hammer in a drawer, It can be right there hanging on the wall to grab quickly.

Overhead Racks

Not many people think of the space over the garage door track as usable storage space. With a rack made for hanging from the ceiling, you can buy yourself extra storage space instead of having to expand into a new area of your home. This is a great way to store boxes and bins and coolers up and out of the way.

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