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5 Common Garage Problems and How to Fix Them

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Every home comes with repairs and maintenance over time. Some of that maintenance includes the care and upkeep of your garage. Here are some of the most common maintenance issues people come across in their garage and how to fix them.

The Garage Door Opener Stopped Working

Many a home owner has driven up to their home and hit the button on the garage door opener just to discover the opener is no longer working. There are a few different reasons why this could be happening.

The first thing to check is the battery in the remote itself. It is a good idea to change these batteries out on a scheduled routine just as you would with your smoke detector alarms. If this does not fix the issue it could be a poor transmitter. Look to see if there is something in the way of the sensors on the door. If the door is still not opening it could be a larger issue that needs professional attention such as a track issue or a broken spring.

The Garage Door Isn’t Completely Closing

In some cases, the garage door works, it just doesn’t close all the way. The door stops just a few feet shy of the ground every time you go to close it.

The first thing that should be checked when the door is not closing all of the way is the sensors. If they are misaligned or blocked this can cause issues with the door closing. If everything seems to be okay with the sensors try giving them a quick cleaning. A speck of dirt on the sensor can confuse it and cause it to not function properly.

If the sensors have been thoroughly checked out and the problem is still occurring, it could be an issue with the track. Make sure the door track is clean and clear. If there are still issues it is time to call in some help.

Cracks in the Garage Floor

Over time there will be cracks in the cement floor of your garage This is just something cement does as it ages and the ground underneath naturally shifts and settles. With time the cracks will get larger if not taken care of. These cracks can bring leaks and pests to the garage. The quicker the cracks are taken care of the better.

Small cracks in a garage floor can be taken care of easily with a heavy-duty concrete crack filler product. If there are large cracks in your garage floor the concrete may need to be releveled. This should be done with professional help as it is a more difficult task.

The Garage Door is Making a lot of Noise

It can be a small squeak or a large grinding noise that is frightening every time you hear it. Don’t just write this off as something that is annoying and just happens because your door is older. This can signify a problem with the door springs.

While it is an issue that should be addressed it can be a fairly easy one to address. It can be as simple as greasing the rollers on the track. This can be done with some garage door lubricant found at most home improvement stores. If the lubricant does not work the springs could be out of balance. This issue may need professional help for repair or replacement.

Not Enough Space

This is not necessarily a function problem of the garage as much as a functionality problem clashing with lifestyle needs. It, however is a very common issue amongst homeowners. If you are finding that your garage no longer works for what you need it to an organizational system may help. If you are finding you need to add on another car bay or more space to store things and work in the garage, that can actually be remedied by enlisting the help and advice of a custom garage builder. You would be surprised at the many great options there are for making your garage work for you.

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