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Keeping Your Shed Fire Safe

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Since we just passed fire safety awareness month in October, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight that sheds should be part of your fire safety plan. When thinking about keeping your property safe from fire and doing everything we can to prevent, many of us don’t think about our backyard shed. Here are some things you can do to be prepared.

Be Aware of the WarrantyKeeping Your Shed Fire Safe

Most people buy a shed and know that it has a warranty and think it is good enough to just know it is there. What is better is to know exactly what is covered by that warranty. Shed warranties are specific to the company that is providing the product. When shopping for a shed make sure to look at the warranty and what it covers. What if something happens to the shed? What if the materials start failing? Make sure you know what is covered on the particular shed you are going to purchase.

Proper Maintenance

The best line of defense a shed owner has against catastrophic accidents is with proper routine maintenance/upkeep. There will be different tasks to tackle to make sure your shed stays in the best shape possible depending upon the time of year and the weather. This can include raking leaves away from the building and off of the roof, making sure the drainage of the surrounding landscape is good and pulls rain and storm water away from the shed, replacing roof shingles that got beat up in heavy wind or rain or snow, removing equipment once in a while and giving the inside a good cleaning, keeping up with fresh paint, checking the windows, and checking the doors.

Cutting back tree limbs and overgrown landscaping from the shed is a very important step to help prevent it from catching fire. As well as checking on the electrical system that runs to the shed if you have it.

Keeping Your Shed Fire SafeGet Some Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage

Homeowner’s insurance is one of those things we purchase when we buy our home and then don’t really pay much attention to. We just pay the bills every month and go on our way. There are two large mistakes many homeowners make when it comes to insurance. They do not purchase extra coverage and they do not update their coverage as things change on their property.

Not many of us think about a fire actually happening in our homes. It is pretty uncommon when you put it in a statistical term as compared to the total number of homes that actually do catch fire. It does still happen, homes do catch fire. When this happens a large number of homeowners find that they are underinsured. They do not have enough coverage to get them back up on their feet.

It is very common for homeowners to put up a shed and not update their insurance. The shed catches fire and then the insurance company brings the difficult news that it is not covered under your policy and you are stuck paying for damage and restoration out of pocket.

So update that homeowner’s insurance to cover the shed, trust us you will want it.

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