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6 Creative Uses for Backyard Sheds

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Sheds are very helpful to use as extra storage in our yard when we do not have the room inside of our homes, but sheds are also great for a large number of other uses. Here are some ways creative ways that a shed can be used for more than just holding extra stuff.  

Work From a Storage Shed 6 Creative Uses for Backyard Sheds

Okay, so we have all heard of turning a backyard shed into a home office when there isn’t an extra room in the house. There are so many creative ways to turn a storage shed into not just a home office to conduct telecommuting from, but into an actual hub of your very own business. We have all heard about at least one multi-million if not billion-dollar business that got started in a basement or a garage, so why not a shed?  

If you are thinking of starting a business or already own one and need a little more room than the corner of the guest room in the house to keep operating, a shed is a great idea.  

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You can start up a….. 

  • Office space for you and a few employees 
  • One chair salon/barber shop 
  • Studio for Music Lessons 
  • Pet Grooming Salon 
  • Catering or Specialty Bakery 
  • Sewing and Alterations Studio 
  • Place to teach painting or pottery 
  • Massage therapy office
  • Design Studio

6 Creative Uses for Backyard ShedsCreative or Artistic Space All of Your Own 

If you are creative or artistic and very into your hobby you know that having a place to get away, be alone, and just do what you love is dreamy. You can create your own creative getaway with a backyard shed.  

Some Great Creative Spaces Made from Sheds Include……. 

  • Musician’s Studio or Recording Studio 
  • Pottery Shed 
  • Writer’s Studio 
  • A place to Paint a Masterpiece 
  • The coolest sewing room with plenty of storage 
  • A place to create beautiful jewelry 
  • A Scrapbooking room 

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A Home Gym 6 Creative Uses for Backyard Sheds

Not many people have the space in their home to dedicate to large pieces of workout equipment. Some people resort to turning their garage into a workout space or get banished to the basement. Turning a shed into a workout space of your own allows you to go to the gym without an expensive membership or kicking the car out of the garage. You can create anything from a simple workout room to a mini version of that place that charges expensive memberships down the street.  

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A Greenhouse 

Love to grow your own flowers, veggies, and fruits but wish you were not subject to the weather in which you live? A greenhouse will allow you to grow anything you want at any time of year. You can have strawberries in the winter without paying an arm and a leg for them because they are out of season. By installing some windows instead of wall you can turn one wall or your whole shed into a greenhouse.  

Mini Barn  

This one you would want to make sure your property and neighborhood are zoned for live animals in your yard. If you are okay to have a bit of livestock on your property a shed is a useful way to create a mini or micro-farm barn.  

In a barn shed you could house…… 

  • Many chickens 
  • A few goats 
  • One regular size horse 
  • A few ponies or mini horses 
  • Some sheep 
  • A few bunnies 

We can help you turn a shed into anything you need right in your own yard. For more information on our custom sheds please browse our website, come visit us in Marysville, or contact us by phone or email anytime.  

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