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Pros and Cons: Creating a Tiny Home from a Shed

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The average shed is around 90-120 square feet in size, which is the same average size as a tiny home. For this reason, many tiny homeowners or those thinking about constructing a tiny home are intrigued by the idea of turning a shed into a tiny livable structure.

Is it a good idea to use a shed to begin a tiny home construction project?

Here are the pros and cons of transforming a shed into a tiny home.

Pros of Using a Shed as a Tiny Home

More Affordable Route of Construction

When it comes to tiny homes using a shed for the main structure is one of the most affordable options to constructing a tiny home. Often times a custom quality shed will cost less than what a certified tiny home builder will charge you even just to put together the main structure of the home.

You also would have complete control of the entire inside of the home allowing you to save even more money especially if you are very creative with putting the inside of the home together.

It can be a quicker route to completion on a tiny home

If you already have a quality built shed on your property then the main structure of your house is already set and prepared to be turned into a tiny home. If you are ordering a brand new custom-built shed this will of course take less time for the builder to construct as compared to a Full tiny home.

Cons of Using a Shed for a Tiny Home

More work on the homeowner’s part

Purchasing a tiny shed to turn into a tiny home means that the homeowner is responsible for converting the insides of the shed into an actual livable space. If you have very little time on your hands this could be more project than you can handle. Also if you are hoping to get the inside done in a very quick fashion and have never done any construction or remodeling work on your own you could quickly and easily get in over your head or make mistakes that could be costly to make right.

Possible legal limitations

Every state, county, and sometimes even city or neighborhood will come with its own specific set of rules where it comes to tiny livable structures. A tiny home may or may not be allowed on your particular property. Using a shed as a tiny home could become even more complicated when it comes to making sure that it is legal to have the tiny home structure on your property.

Before beginning any shed building or tiny home building project you want to make sure that the zoning regulations for your specific property allow for this type of plan. It is especially crucial to make sure that a tiny home is allowed on your property if you are planning to build it as an accessory dwelling unit on land that a traditional home already sits on if the traditional home is within the neighborhood that has a homeowners association.

Not only will you be subject to the zoning laws of the particular parcel of land you own, but you will need to make sure you are compliant with any homeowner association rules that could be more strict than the zoning laws for your local municipality.

Turning a shed into a tiny home can be a great and smart means to have a small livable tiny home. There are some things to consider before you jump into the project of converting a shed into a tiny home. This includes your personal ability to make transformations for the inside on your own and the laws concerning tiny homes in your area.

For more information on tiny homes and custom-built sheds in Snohomish County and surrounding areas please contact us anytime.

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