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How a Tiny Home can Improve a Community

How a Tiny Home can Improve a Community – Tiny homes can be a great way to benefit communities and help with affordable housing issues. They can benefit those who may be priced out of the current housing market, especially as prices of real estate are greatly inflated with the pandemic. They can be a means of offering homes in areas where more and more people are finding less and less affordable price points for real estate.How a Tiny Home can Improve a Community

Here are some of the top ways that a tiny home can help improve a community

Make housing accessible

The real estate market has been a strong seller’s market for over a year now. This means that housing costs have significantly increased and done so in a rapid fashion. Houses are in high competition and being scooped up quickly selling at a record pace and for higher numbers than many would expect. This is expected to change, but still be a seller’s market for a considerable amount of time. This can make it very difficult for anyone hoping to purchase a home on a limited budget. Especially in higher-priced urban areas where someone may need to live in order to be able to travel to work in a reasonable amount of time.

Tiny homes can be a solution to some of these issues especially right in the heart of cities. Tiny homes can more easily fit into available space in urban areas. In some neighborhoods where there are older established single-family homes on larger lots, homeowners are building accessory dwelling units to help them earn some passive income through a rental while also helping those looking for affordable housing near their place of work in the city.

Help to make housing more affordable

One of the biggest draws to seeking out the tiny home lifestyle is that it costs less to live it. The average tiny home cost is between 30,000 and 60,000. With a lot of budgeting, some tiny homes can be built for as little as $8,000. The overall cost of a tiny home is of course going to rely on the size, location, and specific style and finish attributes of the home. A tiny home helps for those who are on a budget to better be able to afford and stick to it. In addition to the actual home costing less, the cost of living is significantly less as well with less money being spent on utilities, furnishings, clothing, etc.

Lower environmental impact

With the increased popularity of tiny homes more and more tiny home communities are being built. These are communities just like a traditional housing community only all of the homes have a smaller footprint. These smaller communities take less impact on the surrounding environment. They take up less land, less building material, less energy to build, less time, and less impact on surrounding areas, etc. All of this is a big plus for the area in which a tiny home community is built. Plus, it provides a larger number of homes for more people in a smaller area.

There are some drawbacks of tiny homes, but there are also many great things about them and they do provide many great attributes for the community in which they are placed. For more information on tiny homes in North Snohomish County please contact us anytime or come by and see us near Arlington and Marysville in the Smokey Point area.

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