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5 Ways of Maximizing the Space on Your Tiny Home Deck

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Maximizing the Space on Your Tiny Home Deck – Here are six simple ways to make the most out of a deck on your tiny home to enjoy the summer.

Create a Space That Calls You to Come to Hang OutMaximizing the Space on Your Tiny Home Deck

Though your space is small and limited there is plenty of space to create an area you love. You may not be able to put all of the traditional outdoor elements on your tiny home deck, but you can incorporate your favorite. When you see yourself enjoying your deck, what is it you see yourself doing? Is it laying in a hammock, enjoying a cup of coffee in a comfy chair, or having your favorite meal?

Make it Homey

To make a space you love, don’t’ just stick a piece of furniture out there that allows you to do what you want, get creative and actually decorate it to make it feel like an extension of your indoor spaces. Grab some pillows, get a coordinating rug, add a throw blanket and make the space homey.


Don’t leave plants just to the surrounding land of your tiny home. Take just a small footprint of your tiny home deck and bring in some fun planters and beautiful plants. You could even make the planters useful by growing something edible like herbs or veggies. Adding a little nature to your tiny home deck helps to marry the indoors with the outdoors and it just adds a level of lush to the space.


Get more use out of your tiny home tiny home deck with some beautiful outdoor lighting. There are many ways that you can bring in lighting both by using actual electrical hook ups or by using solar powered or candle light. There are several great outdoor lighting options all you have to do is take walk through your closest home improvement or garden store or just the garden center of your home improvement store. There are solar lights, torches, lanterns, giant citronella candles, jar candles, and much, much more. Don’t be afraid to add plenty of light to your space so that you can enjoy your tiny home deck even into the nighttime hours.

How about a tiny barbecue for your tiny home deck

What is an outdoor living space without a barbecue? There are several great options you can use on a small tiny outdoor space. You could use a hand rail grill if you have railings on your tiny deck. This type of grill takes up very little space and allows you to create something yummy while enjoying the outdoors at your tiny home. You could also use just a simple camp grill like the type that you could fit into a backpack for those primitive camping trips where you carry all of your camping gear in on your back.

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