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Doing Remote Work From a Tiny Home

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We all know that the pandemic has changed the way people live and work and just go about life in general. The tiny home market has been increasingly popular over the last several years. But this last year with so much time being spent inside homes has caused many homeowners to drastically change their living situation to either be able to spend countless hours inside of the home or to be able to start working remotely from their home.

Very early in the pandemic the majority of Americans were working from home. Now that many restrictions are easing up some people are beginning to go back to the office, but others will continue to remain remote or renegotiate with their employer to continue to be able to work from home. While many people have searched for homes with a separate room dedicated to be their new office, some homeowners have found a great living experience in a tiny home while still working remotely.

Tiny homes still allow for a private space to workDoing Remote Work From a Tiny Home

Tiny homes are most often found in rural areas instead of in the middle of big cities. This is a huge plus if you are working remotely and need quiet to help you to stay productive. This can also make it easier to collaborate with others over web feed or conference calls. A less busy and more peaceful atmosphere allows you to more easily collaborate with coworkers without background noise.

Making a space your own in a tiny home

One of the largest concerns that you might have about working from a tiny home is if you will be living with others. Like any other remote work situation you will want to find a space that fits your needs while being able to focus without any distractions and being able to supply the other people in your home with an area they can do what they need to and at the same time.

Setting up an office space in a tiny home setting when you live with others might take some creativity. Maybe you could set up a backyard office as the weather is getting warmer for you to enjoy the fresh air and some vitamin D from the sun shine.

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Alternatively you could build an office shed if your tiny home is on property where you keep your tiny home stationary. You could also make use of the porch area and enclose it and use some soundproofing features to turn that into an office space all of your own.

Don’t be afraid to get creative in making a space that you can separate yourself from others that live in the tiny home so that you can get your work done. It may mean that your tiny home office is very limited for space but this can also limit the number of distractions that you have while you are working.

If you are in a very rural area with your tiny home you will want to ensure that you have plenty of Internet capability with the speed that you need your Internet to be at in order to function with expected work tasks.

A major benefit to working from a tiny home

Setting up a tiny home in a rural location where there is plenty of nature to get out and enjoy all around you could be a huge benefit. We can all agree that our jobs no matter what they are get stressful from time to time especially if we are working behind a computer screen or at a desk for much of the day. An added benefit to working from a tiny home in a rural location is that you get the best place to be able to take a break. You can just walk outside the door and enjoy nature which is an instant stress relief.

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