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Tips for Setting Up a Sleeping Loft in a Tiny Home

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When it comes to tiny homes most of them have a sleeping loft to give a little bit extra living space. Most of them are very similar with an angled ceiling and a ladder or a small staircase and a very short distance from the floor to the ceiling. It is often a very small space just ample enough to comfortably sleep.

But before you design or opt-in for a sleeping loft there are some tips and design tricks you can use to make your sleeping loft even more useful. Here are some great tips for setting up a sleeping loft in a tiny home.Tips for Setting Up a Sleeping Loft in a Tiny Home

Find the mattress that works for a tiny home loft space

While a tiny home loft area is small on space you are still adult sized, and having a comfortable mattress that is the correct size is very important for a good night’s sleep and not regretting your move to a tiny home. When many people move into a tiny home they focus solely on living minimally and getting rid of several of the comforts of a traditional home. In this, they usually opt for a mattress that is thin and low to the ground to give more headroom, but this does not make for a comfortable long-term sleeping situation.

There are actually a large variety of mattresses out there that will work for a tiny loft space. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to make sure that you build your sleeping loft with plenty of space to accommodate a standard size mattress. You do want to make sure that your mattress is also not so thick that you don’t have enough space to sit up in your bed without your head hitting the ceiling. In some cases it might be worth the investment to find a company that custom makes a mattress to the size and depth that you need.

Tips for changing your bedsheets in a small space

Changing sheets on a regular bed can be a fun adventure, but try adding in a limited amount of space to move around in and it gets even more exciting. The biggest challenge is that you are actually going to have to be on the mattress itself to put on the fitted sheet. One way to make this task easier is to purchase something like the quick zip sheet set up. The company Quick Zip has made bedding where are you simply zip off the very top portion and clean it and then zip it back on instead of having to wrestle with getting fitted sheet corners over a mattress.

A better way to fit two adults in a loft mattress

When two people are sleeping in a loft the angle of the ceiling can be a little more cumbersome as you cannot sleep directly under the highest point of the ceiling. One way to give your loft space a little more room in the roofline is to add a dormer to your ceiling in your loft. It is a genius way to bring in more sunlight and create more headroom and make the space much more comfortable for two full-grown people.

Being smart about maximizing the space underneath the loft

The portion of space underneath your loft of course will have a lower ceiling. What you do with this space should be carefully planned in your design. A lot of tiny home designs often use the space for the kitchen, but if you are a taller individual and like to utilize your kitchen often this could become cumbersome and annoying. A better way to use the space with a lower ceiling would be to put the couch there since you will be sitting you will not need as much ceiling height. Or you could even turn this area into your bedroom giving you a little more ceiling height to comfortably lay down, and use the loft area as storage space.

A tiny home can be a great way to live a simpler lifestyle and save your hard earned money for other things that you love. With the right tips and tweaks you just may have a tiny home you really enjoy.

For more information on mini cabins and other structures that make great tiny homes in Puget Sound and surrounding areas please contact us any time. Or come and see our products in person in North Snohomish County. For more information on tiny homes in North Snohomish County please contact us anytime or come by and see us in the Smokey Point/ Arlington area.

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