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Tools Every Gardener Should Have in Their Garden Shed

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Walk into any nursery, home and garden store, or just the gardening section of a store and you will find a wall of tools and gadgets that promise to make your life as a gardener easy. If you are just beginning you will find that there are some basic and helpful tools every gardener should have on hand.

GlovesTools Every Gardener Should Have in Their Garden Shed

Gardening is rough on the hands, wearing gloves is not just about protecting your manicure or keeping you from getting dirty. Gloves protect the skin from thorns, insects, splinters, and help to improve grip when pulling stubborn weeds. Wearing a good pair of quality gloves will allow you to work longer without callouses as well.


A pair of sharp pruners will allow you to prune, trim, and shape plants from rose bushes to vegetables. This is a tool you will reach for again and again when keeping the garden beautiful. The best pruning shears are ones that fit your hand and natural grip well. When shopping for the right shears test them out by pretending to prune something in the store to see how comfortable the grip is. You want to make sure your pruners are always sharp to ensure they are making clean cuts that keep your plants healthy.


A trowel makes digging small holes a breeze as well as cutting through stubborn roots. A trowel is also the ideal tool for planting bulbs or transplanting potted plants. Tip: make sure to buy a trowel that fits your hand well for easier digging.


Tools Every Gardener Should Have in Their Garden ShedRakes are handy for leaves and pine needles falling from trees. They are also handy for spreading and scooping bark and smoothing out flower beds before planting. It is very handy for working soil. There are many different types of rakes, the best one to start out with is a standard leaf rake.

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A hoe is a must-have tool for weeding and working the soil. They are very handy for growing vegetables. If you are weeding a large garden bed a hoe helps to make this work take much less time. For a veggie garden, you will want a hoe that is wide and very sturdy. A weeding hoe has an open square head. A thinner blade hoe is good for a perennial garden.


Having a wheelbarrow to move around dirt, bark, soil, rehome plants, move yard waste, etc. is super handy. Make sure to purchase a quality wheelbarrow that can handle a heavy load. The best wheelbarrows are actually found in the construction area of a store.

A Garden Shed

What better way to keep all of your gardening items in top shape, organized, and handy than to keep them in a high-quality gardening shed. For avid gardeners wanting to grow plants from seeds or grow any vegetable they want during the year you can even add a greenhouse portion to your shed. Having a shed to store all of your garden and landscape maintenance items makes getting out in the garden all the more enjoyable.

For more information on custom garden sheds in Puget Sound and surrounding areas please contact us any time or stop by to see our products in person.

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