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Should You Repair Your Shed or Get a New One?


With the proper maintenance, a quality built custom shed can last for a very long time, decades in fact. There are some cases when a shed may need to be repaired and somewhere it is best to just replace the shed altogether.

Here Are Some Examples of When a Shed Might Need Repairs and When it May be Best to Get a New One.

Age of the Shed: if your shed is getting up there in years, it is probably just time to invest in a new one. If you do not know how old your shed is, it may be best to play it safe and replace it. This is especially true if the shed is a lower budget one made of materials that are not meant to last as long such as a metal shed from a kit.

Shed Materials: the last sentence from the point above leads us to the next inquiry, what is the shed made of? Some materials are fine to use for a shed, they just are not meant to last as long as other materials. Not all sheds have the same longevity and warranty on their lifespan of usefulness.

Door Trim: if the trim around your door is starting to look worse for the wear this can be a pretty easy fix. In some cases it may not even need attention just yet if the door is functioning properly and there are no visible holes or cracks where you can see through into the shed.

Roof Shingles: While roof damage can be serious and lead to other bigger problems, if the issue is that you just have a few roof shingles that need replacing, go ahead and just patch some new ones in. It is fairly inexpensive and easy to purchase some new shingles and nail them in place of the old ones. Though this is a small and easy fix, don’t ignore it because it is still an important one.

Damaged Window: sometimes you may notice a crack in the window if you have one in your shed. This does mean the window will need replaced, but it does not mean that the entire shed needs to be replaced. It is not a huge undertaking to switch out an old window for a new one, it may be a challenge to find the correct size, but not one worth getting a new shed over.

Water Damage: Serious roof leaks, leaks in the walls, and rotting wood are all very serious large issues in a shed. These are signs that it is time for a new shed. Instead of replacing the entire roof or a whole wall or maybe even half of the shed, just look into purchasing a new one.

Mold: some mold problems are small and others are quite large. If there is just a small area of the shed that is seeing mold growth the problem may be solved with some mold-killing cleaner and maybe some touch-up paint. If the mold growth is serious and overtaking a large portion of the shed it is time to get a new shed.

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