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6 Items You Shouldn’t Store in a Shed

A storage shed is made for the purpose of being an extra space to store things that will not fit in your home. Though it is very useful for this purpose, there are some things that should not be stored in a regular backyard shed.

Canned Food6 Items You Shouldn't Store in a Shed

Canned food is a good shelf stable item to have on hand should there be an emergency because it can remain edible for long periods of time. It is best though to keep canned foods in a dry and cool environment. Humidity and extreme temperatures can corrode the cans themselves.


Original artworks, not prints, are highly susceptible to heat and moisture. Humidity and moisture can cause artwork to mold and the framing to warp. If you own valuable art it should not be stored in a shed unless the shed has been modified to be an art studio.

Clothing and Bedding

Switching out clothing between seasons means having somewhere to store the items that will not be used until the next season or major shift in temperatures. While it seems like the storage shed would be a great place for these items, it is not a great idea to store them in your shed just as they are. If you really have no other place to store these items it is best that you get thick plastic protective storage bags. The best ones vacuum seal. This will help to keep moisture, pests, and any musty smell out of your stored fabric items.


It is a well-known fact that electronics have sensitive components and should not be left in extreme temperatures. A storage shed that is not insulated and does not have sheetrock walls will not do much to keep electronics from being exposed to extreme temperatures.


Darkness and humidity can have a good impact on wine that is stored making some people believe that storing their wine in the shed is a good thing. The reason it isn’t a great idea is a shed will not keep the temperature of the wine consistent and this can risk the wine taking on a metallic taste.


Instruments that are not currently being played can feel like they are taking up significant amounts of space that could be used for other things, but sticking them out in the shed is not a good idea. Almost every instrument is sensitive to extreme temperatures and humidity especially if they have key padding, reeds, and spit valves or are made of wood. Brass instruments risk corrosion.

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