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Making Deck Repairs

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Maintaining a wood deck and keeping it in great condition so that you can enjoy your outdoor living space as much as you want is going to require some basic maintenance and maybe a few repairs from time to time. Even the best-maintained decks will need some extra TLC from time to time.

Tips to Know About Making Deck Repairs

Replacing rotted or broken boardsMaking Deck Repairs

Wood decks should be inspected at least once a year to make sure that all of the boards are in great shape. Every once in a while, there may be a board that is in need of replacement. You should replace any boards in your deck that is rotted broken twisting or lifting.

To replace rotted or broken boards you want to remove the screws and use your damaged board as a template for cutting a replacement board out of the same material. When you have removed the bad board make sure that you check the joists underneath and make sure that they are free from damage that might need repair as well.

Rotting joists

If you have noticed any rotting in the joists of your decking this is a very large job that you will want to hire a professional to come and take care of for you. A professional will be able to determine if the rot is localized to one specific area or if it has spread throughout the decking. They will be able to decipher if the joist needs a sister board attached to the one rotting joist or if your deck needs a much bigger overhaul.

Matching the finish stain once repairs have been made

Once you have replaced the bad boards in your decking they will stick out like a sore thumb because they will not be the same color as the rest of the boards that are stained. It can be quite the task to match up your finish stain of the new board with the existing ones. Of course, the easiest way to do so is to retain information about the stain you use on your decking for this purpose so that you can purchase the exact same color when you need it.

If you were not the one that stained your deck or you do not have the information on what stain was used for your deck it may be worth it to completely re-stain the entire deck to make sure that everything looks seamless.

Some stores have a color matching system that will allow you to bring one of the boards or a picture of your deck into the store and match the previous color. It can be a good way to go if you do not want to re-stain your entire deck. But sometimes it can be difficult to make the new board match seamlessly with the old decking without completely re-staining.

Some best staining practices are to make sure that you are applying stains to a clean and completely dry deck. You want to ensure that your decking is not holding onto any moisture when you apply your stain.

If it has rained in the last couple of days you will want to hold off to be absolutely certain that the wood is dry. You also want to use a synthetic brush or paint roller and apply even strokes following the grain of the wood. If you are re-staining your entire deck start with the railing making it easier to clean up drips before tackling the floor of the deck. Let your stain dry for at least three hours or more before walking on it.

For more information on making deck repairs or custom-built decks in Puget Sound please contact us anytime or stop by and see us in North Snohomish County.

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