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Small Deck Spruce Ups That Make a Big Difference

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So many homeowners have decks that they underutilize. Many times it’s just because they have not taken the time to spruce them up and make them truly useful. Private outdoor space is highly sought out right now with a large number of homebuyers for good reason. It allows you to enjoy some fresh air and nature on your own terms with plenty of personal space.

With just a few simple tweaks you can turn your deck into a space you may find yourself hardly ever leaving. Here are some small spruce ups that will make a big difference:Small Deck Spruce Ups That Make a Big Differenc

Clean Out the Clutter

Some of us are guilty of using our decks as a dumping ground for items we don’t use especially outdoor toys that kids have outgrown and any other outdoor items that just don’t see much use. If you have a pile up of things that are underutilized hanging around your deck take a few moments to clear them out and find them new homes or drop them at the dump.

Give a dated deck a face lift

If your deck is aging it may need a refresh with a good pressure washing and a new coat of stain or paint to make it feel fresh and new. Clean, sand, and stain or paint and you will be surprised at how amazing your deck looks.

Bring in a place to sit

If you’re going to hang out on the deck you will want to create a place that will make you want to do so. The easiest way to create hangout space is to bring in some furniture. There are many great options for every type and size of space. You could even go to a thrift store or used furniture store to save some money.

Create a good mood with music

Bringing in some outdoor speakers to play music will enhance your outdoor enjoyment and be a great addition to hosting outdoor parties in the space. No matter what mood you are in you can always help set the tone with a little bit of music.

Small Deck Spruce Ups That Make a Big DifferencBring in some privacy and life with a garden wall

If your deck is close to a neighbor’s backyard and above their fence line you can bring in some privacy screens and bring some more life and color to them by using ones that allow you to create a vertical garden. You could even up the usefulness of this vertical garden by planting some herbs and vegetables that can grow right outside your kitchen door. It’s a great beautiful and useful way to bring in some privacy to your space that will have you using it more often.

Bringing in elements to extend the useful hours

Bring in some lights and candles and even a heating element so that you can utilize your outdoor space longer than just the warm daylight hours of the summer. Bringing in some string lights and plenty of candles will allow you to stay outside and hang out on your deck into the night in both the summer and in the fall. Bringing in an outdoor heater, fire pit, or chimney will allow you to stay warm when it gets chilly. If you have a shelter over it, you could even make it a year-round space to enjoy the outdoors with these items.

Don’t forget about creating a pest-free space

Though every bug and insect has its job to do as part of the ecosystem, it is much more pleasant to hang out without them in your space. There are some easy things you can do to keep bugs like mosquitoes out of your area. You could do something like use peppermint to deter bugs with a scent they hate or bring in solar panel decorative lights, or even a bug zapper some are actually much more style friendly than they used to be adding to the appeal of your deck instead of taking away from it.

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