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Home offices  – The pandemic left many companies switching from large office buildings to having their employees work remotely from home. As remote work grows during this time and looks to be either partly or fully part of the future moving forward, many homeowners are looking for space in their homes to use as a dedicated office. A place where they can shut the door behind them and enjoy a quiet room to work from without the noise and distraction of family members.

Enter the growing trend of the backyard office. Some homeowners are taking the idea of a she-shed or man cave and giving it a new fresh useful spin. Instead of making their special “all me” backyard shed space dedicated to hobbies or hang outs they are dedicating them to productive work areas.

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You don’t have to go far for home offices

Putting up a shed in the backyard when you don’t have an extra room in your home to dedicate to an office is a great idea, it might even be a better idea than setting up office inside your home. Being in a different building from your home allows for more separation and less distraction which increases the productivity.Home Offices are Sprouting Up in Backyards

Instead of spending very large sums of money to move to a bigger house, homeowners are opting to purchase custom sheds and have them built in their backyard. The nice thing is you do not need a ton of space in your yard to set up a shed big enough to become an office space. Even a 10×10 shed can become a decently sized office to conduct your day’s duties for work. There are even companies offering special furniture and organization systems to set up your shed office after you have it built.

Many companies that make custom home offices “kit” sheds you can order in the mail and have shipped straight to your home are reporting that sales have dramatically increased. Sometimes these kits give you less space for a higher price tag though . May we suggest checking out our custom quality sheds made out of only quality solid wood?

We have several ready to go plans, pre-made sheds at our site in Marysville, or we can work together to build the custom shed of your dreams and then put you in contact with a contractor to put the finishing touches on the inside. We believe this is a much better way to go than purchasing a pre-made kit where you receive a bunch of pieces in the mail for you to construct on your own. Did we mention we build the shed on site in your yard and it is included in the price?

Come and visit us in Marysville today or contact us via phone or email to get started on that perfect private backyard office. We construct Custom GaragesMini CabinsSheds, and Decks

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