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5 Reasons to Build a Studio Apartment Over a Garage

If you are getting ready to build a detached garage on your property and are wondering if you should add a studio apartment as a top floor let us share with you some of the reasons why it might be a good idea.

It can be a space for adult children5 Reasons to Build a Studio Apartment Over a Garage

It is becoming increasingly popular for adult children to live with their parents while they are attending college or trying to save up or work up to a job that will pay enough to get a place of their own. This is a good way to help adult kids experience a taste of independence while not taking the full financial hardship of being on their own. (May we suggest writing up a mock rental agreement while they live over the garage? It will help to communicate you still expect them to treat the property just as they would a real-world rental and help them to be even better prepared when they fully move out.)

A great private guest space

A private, studio apartment over the garage will allow you to have guests over often without them or you stepping on each other’s toes. They can have space they truly feel comfortable making themselves at home in and you can feel more comfortable having them stay as long as they want when they are in their own space.

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An Amazing Place to Set Up an Office

With a higher demand to do more work from home, this is the perfect time to take the opportunity to build a space just dedicated to work, and the commute can’t be beaten! It is much easier to be productive when you have an organized and quiet place removed from the chaos of everyday home life. If you need to meet with clients you can feel free to do so with a completely separate space from your home.

Turn it Into Any Room You Don’t’ Have but Want

No room in the house to exercise? Build a room or studio apartment over the garage! Want a place to paint, craft, knit, have a large party, etc.? This is the place to set that up.

Rent it Out for Income

If you are allowed to have a rental accessory dwelling unit on your property, this is a good way to do it. You can make a good amount of income as there are many people looking for affordable housing as the area booms and grows. Again, just make sure you are able to build a rental unit on your property before beginning on this adventure.

Note: Before building any type of building on your property in addition to your home, make sure you know the current zoning laws and qualifications for your specific lot of land. Some areas may not allow for rental dwellings or may even have height, size, and placement requirements on additional buildings on your land.

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