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9 Creative Window Ideas for Garden Shed

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Adding windows to a shed is a great way to bring more light into the space and more style to the overall exterior design. Here are some creative and fun ways to add windows to a garden shed.

Door Windows9 Creative Window Ideas for Garden Shed

To create a more homey and welcoming look to your shed that gives a sort of cohesive look with the main building consider a window in the shed door. This will not only make the door look more inviting it will bring much more natural light into the space without having to leave the door wide open. If you already have other windows in the shed, just make sure it looks similar to the other windows to keep the styling cohesive.

Windows with Shutters

Whether actually functioning or just decorative, windows with shutters can give any garden shed a sweet and cute country or farmhouse look. Hinged shutters that actually work can protect shed windows during harsh weather like a wind storm. Add even more visual appeal by painting them in a nice contrasting color for a pop, or paint them the same color as the trim for some more subtle textural appeal.

Double Pane Windows

In areas that get very cold during the winter, double-paned windows are a smart investment, especially in a garden shed full of plants you are storing to keep warm.

Shaped Windows

Windows in a shape other than square offer high style and something visually more interesting than the normal rectangles and squares we are used to. For something different that brings a little more wow factor try a circle or oval window strategically placed.

Plantar Boxes

What better way to showcase a garden shed than with some planter boxes hung under the windows to plant some pretty flowers and showcase your green thumb skills?

Transom Windows

These are windows that sit (usually horizontally) above a door. They are a little more secure than adding a window to a door as their height does not allow someone to easily see inside and the window is usually too small to crawl through. So if you need added security in your shed a transom window is a visually interesting and stylish way to bring light to the shed without compromising security.

Roof Windows

Add some “skylights” to your shed by making a portion of the roof out of polycarbonate sheeting. This is a very good way to add a ton of natural lighting to a shed. The sheeting is much more durable than a traditional glass skylight and is not as heavy as glass.

Greenhouse Windows

Some avid gardeners choose to add a greenhouse to the side of their garden shed to bring in more light and allow for growing a wider variety of warm weather plants all year round.

Stained Glass

To go all out extra-fancy, the most serious of gardeners choose to highlight their garden shed with a piece of artistic glass in many different colors. Stained glass windows bring art and interest and elevated beauty to your garden shed. Stained glass windows are also beneficial in that they are not just beautiful, but bring in natural light while still limiting visibility. In a way they are a beautiful display piece of security glass.

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