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The 2 Types of Shed Foundations

No matter what materials you build a shed with, it is only as strong as its foundation. There are two types of shed foundations. The foundation matters greatly. You don’t want the shed to sit directly on the ground or the wood will rot from moisture, especially here in the Pacific Northwest where we get a considerable amount of rain. You also need it to be strong enough to hold the shed as well as almost perfectly level and stable.

Here are the shed foundations we recommend here at Aurora Quality Buildings

BlocksThe Two Types of Shed Foundations

Every Aurora Quality Buildings Shed comes with a concrete block foundation included in the final price. A concrete block foundation is an easy and reliable way to keep your shed stable. In order to set a shed on a concrete block foundation, it is best to have the site/ground/area where the shed is to be placed no more than 2 feet off of a perfectly level.

A cement block foundation is put up in piers with three to five feet between each set of blocks. The blocks provide a very sturdy foundation able to withstand whatever is stored in it unless you have a very heavy piece of machinery you plan to store. In this case, you will want something that gives full support to every inch of the shed floor like a concrete pad.

Concrete Pad

Aurora does not provide a concrete pad foundation with our sheds but we do allow for customers to have one installed before the shed is put up on your property. We do not charge extra to install a shed on a well-made concrete pad.

Concrete pads of course will increase your shed budget but do give you the advantage of loading heavier equipment into your shed. It is a good idea to build the concrete pad to the length and width of the shed skids, instead of to the size of the building or dimension of the outside of the walls, but you also do not want to build the concrete slab so big that it catches runoff and water pools under the shed.

The foundation for your shed is one of the most important aspects to the quality and usefulness of your shed. Here at Aurora, we provide high-quality foundations to keep your high-quality solid wood shed working the way you expect for years to come and we back up the entire process with our 10-year limited warranty.

For more information on choosing Aurora Quality Buildings to install a quality shed please browse our website, come visit us in Marysville, or contact us via message or phone call any time.

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