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How to Turn a Shed Into a Chicken Coop

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How to Turn a Shed Into a Chicken Coop – Chickens can be a helpful addition to your home if you make use of a large number of eggs or would just like a fresher and more organic egg option. A great place to house chickens on your property is by creating a chicken coop from a garden shed. Here are some tips on how to do it:

First: Prep the SiteHow to Turn a Shed Into a Chicken Coop

The first step of placing a shed on your property to use as a chicken coop is to get the ground ready to set up the shed. Level the ground to within 12 inches if planning to use the standard block foundation. You can also use a concrete slab as a foundation, but keep in mind this makes the position of the shed permanent and the ground will need to be completely leveled to pour concrete.

Second: Have the Shed Set Up

Now you are ready to have the shed built. We, of course, suggest a custom-built shed made of solid wood, to ensure the best durability for your chickens to make a home in. It is also best to have professionals do the work of building it to ensure it is done well and done to last.

What to Add To Your Shed…..ER, Coop

Roosting Bar: It is common to use a 2×4 board as a roosting spot in a coop. If you plan to do this the wider 4-inch side should be turned flat to allow plenty of perching room. It also allows the bird’s room to cover their feet while perching in colder months.

Nesting Boxes: There are several different strategies to adding nesting boxes to a chicken coop and calculations for how many to add. It seems like no matter how many boxes you put in, the hens will stand in line to wait for a favored nesting box. Some hens will crowd into one nest area at the same time. It is a good idea to have at least a few nesting boxes in the coop.

Windows: Make sure to pay for the expense to put windows into your shed coop. The coop will need cross ventilation and simply covering a cutout hole with chicken wire leaves your birds to be attacked by predators. Make sure to cover any other ventilation holes with a quarter-inch hardware cloth to keep other creatures out.

Exterior Latches: If you have raccoons around it is a good idea to put some extra latches in place. Those buggers are break-in artists with plenty of paw dexterity. They can open doors and some latch systems.

A Fan: a box fan will help to keep the chickens comfortable and keep the circulation going in the warmer months. Hanging it from the ceiling angled slightly downward is a good idea. Just make sure to clean the fan periodically.

Droppings Board: droppings will accumulate under the roost bar or perch board, this can attract a number of yucky things including flies. Chickens may also walk through the droppings. So, install a board that can be pulled and cleaned daily with a quick rinsing.

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