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Storage Shed Winterization in 3 Easy Steps

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How to Winterize Your Custom Storage ShedFor most, the storage shed in their yard is not used much, if at all in the winter. With less use means less awareness if there is any damage that has occurred as a result of the weather. If you do not use your storage shed through the winter, it is a good idea to take some steps to winterize it and prepare it for long periods of non-use and the chance of inclement weather.

Here are some tips for winterizing and preparing a shed for a sleepy winter.

Clean Your Storage Shed Thoroughly

Before shutting the doors of your shed for winter it is a great idea to get everything inside of it organized. This is a great way to let things rest for a while, and what could be better than returning to a clean and organized storage shed with everything easy to find in the spring? Another upside to having things organized is it can deter small animals looking for a warm home from nesting in a pile of stuff in the shed.

To begin your shed organization, pull everything outside and sort it out into like piles while also getting rid of items that are broken or unused. Now that the shed is empty, it is the perfect time to sweep it out and remove any cobwebs as well as get rid of any insects that may be hanging out inside.

Before you put your tools back, make sure that they are all clean and ready to go and make sure to cover up any items that would be sensitive to moisture should something leak. Remove all oil and gas from power tools such as leaf blowers trimmers and lawnmowers and cover them with tarp to keep them in top shape while stored away.

If you store any items for gardening such as fertilizer, mulch, and seeds in your storage shed, make sure that they are all in secure airtight containers, or tightly sealed plastic bags to be sure that no hungry critter will make a meal out of it.

Inspect the shed for any needed repairs

Just after you have pulled everything out of the shed for organization, but before cleaning and putting everything back inside, you will want to make sure you conduct an inspection of the storage shed for any needed repairs.

Make sure to check out the floor, the ceiling, and the walls carefully for any holes or other damage. Make sure to caulk in tiny cracks and other areas that pests might be able to enter your shed during the winter. Don’t forget to look behind shelves, hooks, and wall-mounted hangings for damage as well. Make sure to check out seals around windows and doors as well. Damaged weatherstripping around these areas will need to be replaced.

Give the roof special attention

The roof of the shed is going to be exposed to most of the strong winter weather including high winds and maybe even some snowfall. You want to make sure that your roof is sturdy and in top condition to withstand harsh winter weather. Make sure to sweep off and clean your roof thoroughly and check it for any holes and leaks. If your shed has shingles make sure to repair any that are broken or missing.

With the right preparation your storage shed should be able to withstand winter weather and a long amount of time going unused.  It will be ready to go for easy use again in the spring.

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