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3 Ways a Shed is A Big Help to Your Yard in Cold Weather

Cold Weather is on the way. Your shed or even your garage can play a huge helpful role in winterizing your property and getting it ready for cold and blustery, cold weather ahead. Here are four simple steps to getting your yard ready as the seasons change and how a storage shed can play a big helpful role in that.  

Gardening Supplies 3 Ways a Shed is A Big Help to Your Yard in Cold Weather

Most people usually store their gardening tools in the shed all year long, but now is the time to make sure those tools are cleaned and tuned up (don’t forget the lawnmower) and prepped to sit snuggly in their homes all fall and winter long. Do this of course after all of your early fall pruning. In addition to caring for your tools, make sure potted plants that will not survive the cold are covered up and stored out of the cold weather. A good place for them is the floor of your shed or your garage. Hoses should also be rolled up and stored out of the cold where they can fill with ice and crack. 

Patio/Deck/Outdoor Furniture 

Harsh and cold weather are not good for your outdoor furniture and grill. Measures should be taken to protect them. The easiest way to do this is  to store it in your shed. Make sure any fabric pieces are cleaned and don’t forget about umbrellas. If you do not have room for the bigger pieces, purchase outdoor furniture covers or use tarps securely tied down to protect your pieces from rain, wind, and snow.  

Now is the Time to Re-organize 

To make things easier on yourself, stick all of your summer things in the back of the shed and bring all of the fall and winter things to the front so they are easily accessible when you need them. Items like the rake for those fall leaves, a snow shovel (for the one or two times when it dumps cold wet stuff here in Western Washington), etc.  

Tip: Use your leaves as mulch in your flower beds/gardens instead of painstakingly bagging them up or hefting them into the yard-waste bin. Till your garden and lay out the mulched leaves on the top like beauty bark it will bring you nutrient rich soil in the spring.  

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