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Why the Roof Overhang is Important to Your Shed

The shed roof overhang is crucially important but rarely thought about a piece of a backyard shed.

Why is an Overhang Needed on a Roof Shed?Why the Roof Overhang is Important to Your Shed

The main reason for an overhang on your roof shed is to give ample space for runoff from the roof to fall on the ground below instead of allowing for the runoff to drip down the walls and cause moisture damage.

The overhang also protects the base of the shed from damage as well as gives an added layer of protection against window leaks.

Added Bonus of A Roof Overhang

Having an overhang near the door opening to the shed makes it more pleasant when having to unlock or open the latch to the door in the pouring down rain or in harsh summer heat. It creates a bit of shelter for the person opening the door.

The eaves of an overhang also provide extra shade and cooling to the shed during the summer making it more comfortable to stand inside the shed on a hot day. It is especially helpful in shading shed windows.

They Just Look Better

In addition to the protection, longevity, and added shelter that a roof overhang provides, it also looks nice. A shed overhang provides some depth and interest to the architecture of a shed. It brings character and interest to the overall final look. Some people may not think much about the final appearance of a shed, but it can add curb appeal and a level of attractiveness to your yard and the overall outside aesthetic of your property.

What is the Ideal Overhang for a Shed?

The ideal size and shape of the overhang on a shed depends upon the use and look of the particular shed. The climate also plays a role. It depends upon whether the roof is flat or peaked and how many shelters the owner would like for personal and particular uses of the shed.

Flat Roofs: For a flat roof shed the overhang simply extends straight from the roof past the shed walls. On one side a gable ladder is made to give the shed roof just a little bit of a slope and still allow for runoff so that puddles do not form on the top of the shed and cause the roof to leak.

Pitched or Gable Roof: With a much steeper sloping the overhang from a pitched or gable roof extends downward slanted toward the ground as an extension of the roof’s steeper angle. The overhang on a pitched roof does not usually extend as far out as that of a flat roof overhang.

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