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Making Repairs to Your Shed Roof or Floor

If you have a well-made custom built shed, you can count on it to last for many years to come. Sometimes a shed can fall victim to harsh weather elements and be in need of repair. Two most common repairs that sheds tend to need, (especially if not cared for properly with routine upkeep) are roof leaks and floor issues.

Here are some helpful tips on how to repair shed roof leaks and fix flooring issues.

Fixing a Leaky Shed RoofMaking Repairs to Your Shed Roof or Floor

Even the smallest of leaks in a shed can be a big pain and cause a significant amount of damage. If a leak is left undealt with it can cause bigger issues including mold which can lead to the need for a whole new shed.

One of the biggest reasons there is a leak in a shed roof is that there are roofing shingles in bad shape. If you see a leak in your shed roof, the first thing you should do is get to the top outside of the roof and take a look at the shingles. It is likely there will be a piece of a shingle missing or an entire shingle or a patch of multiple shingles. If it is caught early on the repair is pretty simply with patching over the hole and replacing the damaged shingle(s).

If you find a leak on the outer edges of the roof, but can’t seem to find any damaged shingles, this could mean a problem with the shed construction.

If you have a rubber roof from a store bought shed, this is not repairable.

Shed Floor Repairs

Compared to patching up holes in a shed roof, repairing a floor is a little more complicated. While it takes a little more work it is still possible to make the repairs on your own.

The first rule of a damaged shed floor is to make the repairs as soon as you can before bigger problems occur. There are many reasons a shed floor can become cracked and/or damaged: something heavy was dropped inside the shed, there is too much weight in the shed especially in a particular spot for too long, there was a leaky roof that did not get repaired in a timely manner, etc.

There are two main ways in which you can repair your shed floor on your own. You can cut out the damaged area and patch in new flooring, or you can overlay an entire new floor. The second method does cost much more and requires a larger time commitment so we will focus on the easier fix which is to patch in a new piece of flooring. This can be done by purchasing the same material your shed floor is made out of, cutting away the damage to just outside of the damaged area and replacing with the new flooring.

At Aurora, we use the highest quality solid wood materials and highly skilled builders to ensure and guarantee our sheds. With the proper routine upkeep, your shed should last for several years without needing to make these repairs.

For more information on our custom sheds in Snohomish County please visit our custom shed page, contact us any time, or come and see us at our Marysville location.

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