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Should I Repair my Shed or Buy New?

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Using the correct maintenance methods and upkeep, a custom-built woodshed can last for several decades and provide you with whatever function you need it for, for a significant amount of time. But what happens if you noticed some damage in your custom-built woodshed? Is it worth it to try and repair it or is it time to get a new one?

Deciphering repairs versus replacement in your custom-built shed

Though it seems like it should be a pretty cut and dry decision to make it can be harder than expected. A custom-built shed is no cheap investment and if you notice your shed has some damage you may want to save money as much as possible. On the other hand, in some cases, money might be put to better use purchasing a brand-new custom-built shed that will have more strength and longevity.

Some deciding factors on whether to replace or repair a woodshed

How old the shed is

If you have a shed that is approaching or beyond its approximate guaranteed lifetime it may be well worth it to invest in a brand-new custom-built shed. A quality shed that is properly maintained can last 20 years or more but over time materials just get tired and need to be replaced.

Shed quality

The quality of the actual shed itself and how it was built and the materials used play a big role in how it will be able to stand up to damage and how long its life expectancy really is from the time it is purchased. If your shed was not built to the highest standards or with top quality materials then it may be worth it to save up for a shed that will enable you to get a better life span and a higher level of usage.

Planning to upgrade

If your shed seems tired and worn out and you were considering making it larger in any way or upgrading it to fit more items this is a good time to go ahead and just purchase a new shed to make sure that the structural integrity is of the highest degree.

Determining the exact issue

Sometimes making the decision to repair or fix the shed simply comes down to assessing the level of damage and exactly what needs to be done to get it back in top condition. In some cases, you might simply need to replace a shingle or two or pull a small piece of siding and replace it with a new one. But if you are seeing a structural issue or a major problem with water damage and mold growth this may be beyond the scope of fixing it.

It’s sort of like when a car gets into an accident and the insurance company determines whether it should be deemed as totaled. Meaning that the car would cost more money to repair than to just go ahead and replace it.

Small issues that can easily be repaired

In some cases your shed just might need a quick tune-up to get it back in shape such as in the following circumstances:

Door trim

If the trim around your doors or windows is cracking or peeling or coming away from the structure this is primarily cosmetic. In some cases, it could cause water leakage into the inside. In some cases, you could simply leave this alone or take just a few hours to replace and repair it.

Roof shingles

It is a good idea to inspect the condition of your roof at least once or twice a year on your shed. From time to time your roof may need a shingle or two replaced to keep the roof working in the way it is intended and prevent leaks. If you only have a few shingles that need repair this is a very easy fix that does not require a complete shed replacement.

What to know about buying a home with an older roof

Damaged window

A crack or break in a shed window can seem like a major issue in the overall scheme of things, but it is fairly minor. Though purchasing a new window or getting a pain of glass swapped out can be more costly or time-consuming than you would hope, it is not worth getting a whole brand new shed.

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