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How To Use An Outdoor Shed As An Office

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How To Use An Outdoor Shed As An Office

How To Use An Outdoor Shed As An Office – If you’d like a quiet place to work from home, covert your shed into a home office!  While you could use the shed just as it comes, some people prefer to go above and beyond, creating a truly ideal workspace for their needs. It’s important to note that this should only be done if you own your shed.

How To Use An Outdoor Shed As An OfficeHow To Use An Outdoor Shed As An Office

Replace Doors or Windows

If you’d like to replace the doors or windows of your shed to give it more of an office feel, that should be done first. If you do replace these pieces, be sure your new door has a secure lock and the windows are well insulated.


You’ll need electricity for your office computer, Wifi, printer, lights and more. But, wiring electricity is not something to tackle on your own. Hire a professional electrician for this part. Most electricians are certified and offer a guarantee on their work.  In fact, if your building is going to be used as a business location, the electrical work will be inspected and must be completed by a licensed electrician. This part of the electrical process only consists of rough-in work, including installation of wires and cables for basic power, lighting, Internet access, phone lines, and cable television.


To keep your shed warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, insulation is a must. If you’ve worked with insulation before, you know how itchy it can be! It’s best to make sure all parts of your body are covered before beginning this process. Also be sure to fill the entire wall and ceiling cavities with this material. That includes the space behind electrical boxes. This will help keep air from getting through.

Put Up Drywall or Wallboard

The next step is to begin hanging your choice of wall covering, whether that be drywall or wallboard. You’ll also want to cover the ceiling of your portable building in drywall. A good tip is to choose a drywall length that best suits your building.

Install Trim Work

Now, you’ll want to start installing trim work within your shed. That includes baseboards, crown molding, and window casing. These simple elements will really help add a refined look to the inside of your converted shed.

Paint the Walls and Trim

After finishing your drywall, you’ll continue by painting the walls, ceiling and trim work. Begin with a primer. Then, add a base coat and top coat of paint.

Install Floors

Complete your renovation by laying carpet, tile, hardwood or laminate flooring in your new shed.

Begin filling your shed with office/studio essentials. These may include a desk, chairs, a computer, an office phone, filing racks, etc. This would also be the time to bring in a window unit for heating and air conditioning. Once you’ve converted your shed into a home office you may want some help organizing everything on the inside.

The amount of effort you put into transforming your shed will really show once it’s complete. Who knows, you may never want to leave the office now!

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