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How to Make Your Office Shed 5 Times More Productive

Even before the pandemic began, more and more Americans began telecommuting at least one day a week, or completely leaving the corporate world behind for jobs they could solely do from home. Now that so many of us are working from our homes we are looking for ways to help keep us on track and highly productive from our new offices. Many Americans have even dedicated a backyard shed to be used as an office.

Though working from home with no commute, no coworkers with annoying habits, and all of our favorite belongings right at our fingertips feels like a dream, many of us have come to realize it can hinder our productivity a little bit.How to Make Your Office Shed 5 Times More Productive

Here are 5 Ways to Boost Productivity When Working from a Home Shed Office

When at Work Close the Door

This is a little bit easier from a space removed from the main house, but there is always that temptation to multi-task with everyday household things that creep in, even from the backyard. It is easy to leave the door to the office open while the kids are playing in the backyard to supervise and keep an eye on them for example.

When you are working, it is important to be able to dedicate all of your focus on your job, otherwise your tasks can begin to take longer and become stressful and feel like too much. This will help to refocus you to get things done and help others in the home to know you need some time and are unavailable for other things right now. It will surprisingly alleviate a lot of stress when it comes to your job.

Walk and Talk

This one goes against the first rule just a little bit. If you are on a phone call, use that time to get up and walk around. Get some physical activity and even some fresh air, if the weather permits, by walking around the backyard. This will help to alleviate those feelings that you are trapped and isolated. It’s good for the mind as well as the body to walk around a little bit. Getting away from staring at the same screen or papers on the desk will help to give your mind and body a refresh and reset.

Be Your Own Boss- Like for Real

If you have ever heard someone pitch the perks of working for yourself or from home you have probably heard the words, “you can be your own boss.” What does this really mean? Let’s look at the role of a traditional boss in an office setting. The role of a boss is to supervise an assigned group of employees in a hope to keep the company productive and on track. An ideal boss is interested in not just the company’s goals, but helping their employees to achieve their personal goals of becoming better at their job.

If you were a boss would you let your employees put things off until later, come to work in pajamas, or do non-work related things on company time? Probably not, at least not as a regular basis daily routine. Actually be your own boss, like for real, set some boundaries for yourself, assess how well you are doing from time to time, and don’t forget to reward yourself for good behavior.

Take Your Breaks

In the corporate world, breaks and lunchtime are mandatory labor laws. Don’t forget to give yourself some time for a break or two in your workday. There is actually science that shows work is more effective when you take a few short breaks every day. Just make sure to discipline yourself to keep it to a short break. Now is not the time to binge-watch Netflix, or go for an hour-long workout.

No Man is an Island

There are so many great reasons to work from home, and benefits to separating your workspace from your cozy home space by setting up an office in your back yard. It is incredibly difficult to do the entirety of your job all by yourself. One of the reasons working from a corporate office can be beneficial is the encouragement and inspiration we get from other people doing the same job all around us. Some coworkers can be a pain, but many of them can help to spur us on to greater things.

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