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How to Tell if a Shed is Made with Quality

How to Tell if a Shed is Made with Quality A shed is a shed is a shed is a shed right? When it comes to purchasing an outdoor shed to store items in your yard or use as extra space many people believe that just purchasing whatever looks best is good enough. But the actual quality of the structure of your shed is very important in determining how long your shed will do the job you need it to do.

How to Tell if a Shed is Made with Quality that will stand the test of time:

The foundationHow to Tell if a Shed is Made with Quality

A shed is only as good as the foundation that it is built upon and supports it. The foundation of a quality built shed will allow for proper drainage and minimize shifting that can damage the shed and its structural integrity. If your shed is built right on the ground it will have several issues. It should be placed on top of a permanent cement foundation, a gravel pad, or a block foundation.

The floor

The structure of the floor is important in the quality and longevity of a shed. Sheds should never be built with cheap particleboard flooring. And the framework should also be made up of solid wood as well.

The frame

The frame of a shed should be built very similar to that of a home. This means of course using solid wood beams and posts with the correct spacing in between to ensure that the frame properly holds the siding and the roofing. A poorly constructed frame will end up in a shed that could be blown down by the big bad wolf or just fall down in harsh weather conditions.

The roof

Putting a roof on a storage shed is more than just slapping up some every day roofing shingles. The roof line should start out with proper framing and on top of the frame there should be solid wood sheeting, on top of that should be a weather barrier, and then finally the roofing material needs to be laid properly to ensure for the best and most reliable roof. And of course the angles need to be just right to allow for proper rain runoff so that water is not pooling on the top of the roof that will cause leaks and damages.

A builder with experience

Yes you could just go into any home-improvement store and purchase a shed for a few less dollars, but it is very important to know exactly who built your shed and their knowledge and expertise behind building the shed. Getting a kit full of pieces that you don’t know how they were produced and you put together yourself is much less reliable than having a shed built on site by a professional who puts these buildings together for a living backed by a longevity warranty.

Yes all sheds are useful but their useful life varies depending upon the quality in which they are built. From the materials that are used, to the way in which it is put together, to who puts it together, to the work being backed up and guaranteed (because it is much less likely that something will go wrong when the work is done properly with quality materials).

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