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How to Insulate a Shed Roof

Putting insulation in your shed roof will help to enhance the energy savings and climate control of your custom-built shed. In order for this to have the desired results however you want to make sure you are doing it properly.

Here are some tips for insulating a shed roof on your own

Install and nail in plywoodHow to Insulate a Shed Roof

If you do not already have a plywood sheath you want to install one on your roof structure. Place the plywood at a right angle to the joist of the roof. You could also use an ornamental strand board instead of plywood for this task. You want to make sure you adhere to the plywood in place with galvanized or stainless-steel roofing nails.

Install building paper and foam insulation

With the sheathing in place, you want to cover it with sheets of building paper to protect the roof from leaks and moisture. Make sure that the paper is overlapping the previous piece that you have installed by at least 6 inches and attach them securely together with your roofing nails. When you are done follow up with foam insulation but do not overlap.

Use duct tape cover the edges of all of the foam insulation to provide protection against moisture coming in. That tape helps to prevent any leaks and helps the foam insulation work more efficiently. Next, you will want to fix the roofing panels to cover the insulation.

Now install fiberglass batts

This might be the first step for many people who have just purchased their shed as they will already have their roofing structure in place. You want to fill all the holes and gaps with your fiberglass padding remembering not to press it too tightly into the gaps. There may be some areas that are difficult to fit the insulation into but try not to use excessive force.

Choosing to install spray foam

If you cannot easily access the roof of your shed structure you can opt to cut a hole and purchase a spray foam insulation kit from a home improvement store. These kits will include liquid foam insulation and a sprayer. Make sure to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the kit and be careful when cutting your hole to make sure you are doing it correctly the first time.

Insulating a shed roof for some people may feel like going overboard but it can be a very good idea depending upon what you plan to use your shed for. Insulation is one of the most budget-friendly ways that you can control the climate inside of your custom-built shed. Many times, when we think of insulation, we think of it as a blanket that keeps the space warm but it can also be very useful in keeping a space cool. Essentially what insulation does is control and trap the current temperature inside the shed. It helps to keep the temperature more stable.

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