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How to Choose the Right Location for Your Garden Shed

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Considering getting a backyard garden shed? Where is the best place to put it? What is the right location? And how to choose the right location for your garden shed… Read on.How to Choose the Right Location for Your Garden Shed

We build custom sheds and backyard storage sheds year-round but one of the major questions people have is where to put it. You might think that you have a spot but once it’s there, you may find it’s very inconvenient so here are some tips to deciding the right location for your garden shed.

Purpose and function.

Think about how you will be using your shed. Are you picking the most convenient spot based on the use you’ll have for it? If you’re using it as a garden shed, you probably wanted near the garden and within a reasonable distance of a water source. If the shed will be used for storage such as lawn equipment and tools, you want the shed in a location that probably accessible from the front yard.


The distance between the garden shed and your property line is called a setback. You probably don’t want to create a scene with your neighbors by building on their property so make sure to leave enough room between the shed and your neighbor’s yard. Of course, having a fence between the two properties will make it even easier as you can put the shed up against the fence. But remember, you want to leave a gap between the fence and the back of the shed in case you need to make repairs or if there’s an issue with the siding of the shed and now you can’t reach it because the fence is too close.


You can build a structure on slopes but the more level the ground is the easier and cheaper it is to set the building. This doesn’t necessarily mean flat. You wanted to be level and we make sure to level all of our garden sheds with trusses and homeowners can help by even pouring a concrete pad, which makes it even leveler.


Obviously, you want to make it easy to get to your shed so if you tuck it away behind trees or in an inconvenient location, you won’t be using it as much and you’ll probably regret the placement. If it’s located too far from the house you probably are not going to use it that often so make sure it’s easily accessible when you need it.


Do you want to show off your new storage building or garden shed? Having a nice shed that is custom-built, painted the same color as your house, and is aesthetically pleasing can add a lot of value to your property. You might even consider building a pathway from your home to the shed so it becomes part of the home rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.


Many of our garden sheds are available with windows but if you tuck the garden shed away under trees where natural light is not likely to shine, you may have to install some sort of lighting into the shed so that you can see what you’re doing. Make sure you consider the light source both natural and electrical if you plan on installing electricity so that you have plenty of light inside the shed to access what you need.

Building codes.

When you choose the shed, the size of it will help determine the location but you also want to make sure that you’re following the rules of your homeowners Association and local building and zoning departments. There may be codes that you need to follow for storage buildings depending on the location. You may also have rules about building a storage shed close to fences, trees, structures, and property lines.


You may think you have the perfect spot picked out but then when you open the doors of the shed you realize there’s not enough room to get everything in and out of the shed. Make sure you leave plenty of room for opening doors or sliding doors or windows around the exterior of the shed.


If for getting really technical here, consider the shape of the shed and make it parallel to the fence or the house. This minor touch may add a world of difference to the aesthetics of your backyard.

For more information on choosing the right location for your garden shed, simply give us a call. We can come out and assess the location, help you plan for the right size and foundation, and give you the backyard storage shed or garden shed of your dreams. Stop by our showroom on Smokey point Boulevard to take a look at existing sheds or customize your own online for free.

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