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What is house wrap and what are its benefits?Should I Put House Wrap on My Shed?

House wrap is a layer of insulation that creates a barrier of protection from weather and temperature outside of the shed. In places with high humidity or, high fluctuation in temperature, or frequent rain, or that have severe storms, a house wrap is a very good item to have on your shed.

You do not need house wrap if the shed is completely weatherproof all on its own, or if it is just a temporary structure not planned to be used for very long.

A quality house wrap provides a protective layer from humidity and other forms of moisture penetrating the interior of the shed. No matter what you are using your shed for, even if there’s nothing stored inside the shed that would be impacted by humidity, extra moisture can lead to molding and rotting within your high-quality custom-built woodshed.

It can be expensive to replace rotting wood so the simple lower cost of adding a house wrap to a shed is much more beneficial than replacing wood that has been damaged by moisture. Another benefit of a house wrap is that it helps to regulate the temperature inside the shed, it is like a layer of insulation.

Do I really need a house wrap on my shed?

For any wooden structure such as a custom-built quality shed here in the Pacific Northwest, you will want to have a house wrap/moisture barrier. You will always want to weatherproof your shed in some way as there is always humidity or rain in the air being so close to the Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean.

Rain is an obvious element that takes a toll on wood, but not many people consider the humidity in the air in Western Washington as something that can take a toll on a wooden structure. Over a long period of time, humidity can slowly cause damage to wood products.

A house wrap is very important in areas with fluctuating weather and if you have been in the Pacific Northwest for a significant amount of time you have probably experienced some of the crazy weather that can happen here. Though much of the time in most places the weather is fairly moderate there is still the occasional snowstorm or heatwave, and there is always a fair amount of rain. Changes in temperature cause a wood structure to expand and contract. A house wrap not only protects wood from coming in contact with moisture but gives it a layer of insulation from the effects of temperature change and causes less expansion and contraction.

The answer to the question of do you really need a house wrap on your shed is, yes, especially in Western Washington. Any quality-built woodshed is going to need a house wrap or moisture barrier. The great thing about all of the quality-built custom sheds that Aurora buildings offer is they come standard with the moisture barrier in the roof and walls. For a very small extra fee a moisture barrier can be placed in the floor as well.

For more information on custom quality-built sheds in Puget Sound and surrounding areas, please contact us anytime or stop by and see us in the Arlington area on Smokey Point Boulevard.

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