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Build a Home Gym in a Shed

What easier way could there be to keep your fitness goals and resolutions for 2022 than to build your own home gym right in your backyard out of a simple shed?  Sheds are being used now for much more than the standard storage in your backyard. One of the most popular and innovative creative uses for backyard sheds is to create a home gym or private workout room.

When it comes to fitness working out doesn’t have to mean going out to a gym and spending a hefty membership fee. You don’t even have to have a room outfitted with tons of fancy equipment to get in a good workout. You can accomplish fitness goals without leaving your home. You could accomplish increasing your strength, burning calories, whittling down your waistline, and just have better overall health. All from the comfort of your new backyard gym shed.

The benefits of working out at a home gym in your shed

Home workouts are more convenient

Just the tasks of everyday life can become overwhelming. Working out at home helps make it easier to fit in even just a short workout. No need to get stressed out about gathering up things for your gym bag and taking the time to drive down to the gym. All you have to do is get on your gym clothes and walk to the backyard to begin an effective workout.

Flexibility and versatility

At home, you can exercise any time of day that you desire because there is no limitation on operating hours or when certain workouts are offered. You can do whatever workout you want whenever you want to do it. If you need to break your workout into smaller chunks of time you can do that as well.

No waiting or overcrowding

When you have a workout studio right in your backyard there is no waiting to get into the most popular class or standing in line until the next machine is open like you will need to do at a gym. You can simply stick in or start a new workout series video or whatever class you would like or you can just get to work on your very open set of weights or other equipment. There’s no crowding and having to work around several other people.

Germs are much less of a concern

Making sure that everything is clean and germ-free is very important especially now. The only sweat you have to worry about getting cleaned up is your own. There’s no worry of what is going on in somebody else’s body dripping onto equipment that you were hoping to use. It also is much quicker and easier to sanitize one small area instead of worrying about every area that you use in a gym.

More privacy

When you work out at home there is no uncomfortable feeling of someone looking over your shoulder or waiting for you to be done with your exercise. There’s no worry that someone is watching your every move and critiquing how you are accomplishing your goals. There’s no intimidation of working out next to what seems to be a fitness expert. You only have yourself and whatever workout buddy you invite into your space (as well as a video program if you choose one).

With time it is a huge cost saving

Investing in a backyard shed to turn into a workout space will be a bit of an investment. But when you add up the cost of the shed and get it all set up into its workout space, the cost will be much less over time as compared to paying yearly and monthly gym membership fees.

For more information on custom-built sheds in Puget Sound and surrounding areas please contact us anytime.

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