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It is no surprise that the pandemic of last year has caused people to search for a new home or change what they would like in their home. This is part of what is creating a want to purchase a new home and a hot real estate market. As the real estate market remains hot into 2021 there’s little expectation of it cooling down anytime soon and real estate agents are expecting to continue seeing buyer demand for creative approaches to making a home an oasis that is capable of spending long periods of time in.

This being said homebuyers continue to look for homes with new and creative amenities within them that they currently did not look for prior to the worldwide pandemic. One of these such items is a demand for a man cave , He-Sheds and She-Sheds on the property.

Buyers are Looking for Homes with He-Sheds and She-ShedsHe-Sheds and She-Sheds

A real estate agent in Florida has reported that most of her clients are looking for outdoor space and backyard retreat sheds so much so that they are sacrificing larger square footage in the primary home on the property in order to have a nice backyard and a space away from the home to retreat to like a she-shed.

She-sheds have been gaining popularity for several years now probably about 5 to 10, but now buyers are actually seeking out homes that have a He-Sheds and She-Sheds space retreat away from the main structure or main home on the property. They are becoming increasingly popular since the pandemic began because who does not want a space where they can retreat to while everybody is hanging out at home for long periods of time? People are searching for a space that they can make all their own a special space that they can retreat to, to do their favorite things. Where they do not have to worry about being able to get there or the cleanliness and safety of being there.

People are using backyard sheds in so many creative ways to create their own oasis on their own property. These sheds are being turned into workout rooms, private offices, reading rooms, craft nooks, hi-tech movie spaces, recording studios, motorcycle dens, woodworking shops, backyard cafés, guest houses, and much more.

So if you are contemplating creating a backyard shed oasis all of your own you may just be more encouraged to do so now as homes with these spaces are being sought after by buyers. It could just create a bump in the value of your property as well as an invaluable space to spend some time all to yourself.

For more information on quality-built custom He-Sheds and She-Sheds in Puget Sound and surrounding areas that would make great backyard He-Sheds and She-Sheds, or a custom mini cabin please contact us anytime or stop by and see us in person in North Snohomish County. We are located in the Smokey Point/ Arlington/North Marysville area. You can also check out some more information about our custom cabins and custom-built sheds on the specific pages right here on our website.

For more information on she-sheds and he-sheds in North Snohomish County please contact us anytime or come by and see us in the Smokey Point/ Arlington area.

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