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He-Shed, She-Shed, Our-Shed, Bar Shed – The Rise of the Hobby Shed

He-shed, she-shed, our-shed, bar-shed. All rhyming aside, turning backyard sheds into “hobby huts” has increased in popularity over the last several years.

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Not too long ago outdoor sheds were used solely for storing things, and mostly for storing lawn and garden equipment and maybe outdoor games and toys. Today sheds are being turned into a number of different useful structures. The term “man cave” has been around for several decades now, and “She shed” became increasingly popular over the last few years, which spurred on the trend of “He sheds” ( hey guys want to have fun hideouts too.)

Rather than taking up room inside the home, in the basement, or displacing the car in the garage for a personal “all me” getaway hideout, many homeowners have chosen to transform or build a custom backyard shed into their own special hideaway.

Media rooms, game rooms, poker night space, reading rooms, a crafting area, yoga studio, weight-lifting room, or maybe just a place to take an uninterrupted nap. More and more people are finding that turning a backyard shed into extra usable space at their home is a great idea, especially during the pandemic.

What better way to escape for some alone time when things are still not open to full capacity than to walk out the back door and across the lawn to your own personal oasis? He-sheds and she-sheds can be personalized to fit your favorite free-time interests. He-sheds and she-sheds are a budget-friendly way to add space to a home.

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Our Shed, Bar Shed

As the use of a backyard shed for hobby space evolves, the latest in hobby sheds is to create a space everyone in the home can enjoy. Pool huts, tiny backyard, cafes, coffee bars, and bar sheds are now growing in popularity for backyard shed uses. Many homeowners are finding it fun to turn an existing or new custom-built shed into a hub of hangout space for the backyard.

The most popular is the bar shed. What better way to relax in your own home and entertain friends and family than at your own outdoor space? Some people who have already done this have turned the inside into a restaurant-style setting while others choose to keep the inside as storage and prep space with outdoor serving space connected by a serving window or door. Just take a look on Pinterest or pull it up on a search engine and you will find countless inspirational photos.

Where Can You Get One?

The best way to install a he-shed, she-shed, or outdoor entertainment shed is to begin with a quality custom-built woodshed. This will give you the most solid and trustworthy structure in which to create your shed dreams.

For custom built sheds in Snohomish County’s and surrounding areas to build a hobby shed contact us any time or come and visit us in the Smokey Point area.

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