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How Does A Garden Shed Affect Property Value?

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When planning to sell or buying a home in Marysville to flip it, making improvements is a great way to boost your listing price, improve offers, and push up your property value. Homeowners often look at their home’s interior when making such changes. However, there are many ways to boost your property value through your yard, too.

One simple change that people often consider doing is adding a garden shed to the property. How does adding a garden shed affect property value?

Are Sheds A Good Investment?How Does A Garden Shed Affect Property Value?

Experts reveal that the garden feature which adds the most value to a property is a shed. In fact, 82 percent of property professionals claim a decent-sized shed is the most cited feature to boost value, and this is true with real estate in Marysville and beyond.

Despite this, it’s important to keep in mind that sheds come in all shapes, sizes, and prices – and when considering that sheds could raise your property taxes, are often a neutral investment. Ultimately, it’s hard to determine if building a shed on your property is going to see a direct and equal improvement in property value. With that in mind, it’s better to consider the pros and cons and how they will impact you and your property.

Increase: Adds Dedicated Storage

One big benefit of adding a garden shed to your property is that it adds storage. Storage is incredibly important to most buyers, and having extra storage space allows buyers to envision what it might be like to live there. 

From gardening tools to extra furniture, there are lots of items that buyers might need extra space for. Having a garden shed that is outfitted with great storage options can draw in a lot of buyers.

Increase: Completes Exterior Design

Sheds often provide more than just storage space to your home and property. They also add an element of charm! Depending on the style of your shed, it can complement the overall aesthetic of your yard. This is a great thing for your property and how it will appeal to buyers.

Sheds should be well-maintained and complement the exterior of your property as much as possible. Pleasing-looking sheds bring great value to the land, and buyers won’t be able to forget how they felt when they first saw the yard.

Increase: Multipurpose Space

Many people are looking for as much extra space as possible while shopping the market. In some cases, garden sheds provide that space when space is at a premium!

Sheds, especially large ones, can be designed to be more than just storage for gardening gear. Styling the shed as an art studio, office, or even an extra bedroom showcases the versatility of the space. Multi-purpose spaces are hard to come by; show buyers what they can create out of the shed.

Decrease: Sloppy Looking Sheds

Not all garden sheds are created equal, and having a dilapidated shed in the yard isn’t always going to help your listing sell. Sheds that are going to be more work to remove or repair may scare away buyers that are looking for a ready-to-go home.

Additionally, some properties have more than one sloppy shed, and they are all different styles. Sheds like this won’t appear to have a purpose, and they will detract from the value more than they will add any appeal for buyers.

If you are considering installing a shed or fixing up sheds that you have, make sure to clear out any junk found inside and do some simple maintenance. Keeping sheds looking great is not difficult; put in a little bit of extra work to get the most return from your garden shed.

Decrease: No Yard Space

Finally, consider if your yard has enough space for a garden shed to be a reasonable addition. Not all yards have enough space for a shed, and some need to have micro-sheds for the yard to remain functional.

Adding a garden shed to a yard that is already small may decrease the appeal for some buyers while increasing it for others. There is no right or wrong answer on how big a yard needs to be in order to warrant a garden shed, but you should consider placement and size carefully.

The biggest thing to remember is whether or not buyers in your area are often looking for usable yard space. If so, make sure to place the garden shed somewhere that won’t detract from that space.

Final thoughts

After installing a shed, the overall appeal of your property may improve. Sheds are an appealing factor for many buyers looking beyond the straight value of the home, and installing one doesn’t have to be expensive!

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