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Ductless Climate Control for Shed Retreats

Ductless Climate Control for Shed Retreats – It is not uncommon for homeowners to take their backyard sheds and transform them into livable and enjoyable spaces or to build a shed with the end result goal being creating a he shed or a she shed. These back yard sheds become outdoor retreats that can be useful for any number of purposes. For example, a shed retreat can be transformed into a spare bedroom, a hobby hideaway, an entertainment hub, or a lounge area.

But to make a back yard shed into a retreat it needs to be comfortable, especially during the coming summer months when temperatures get very warm. It can be difficult to enjoy a shed that has little to no airflow inside. One of the best ways to keep it comfortable is with climate control this means adding insulation and some sort of HVAC system to this shed retreat to keep it as comfortable as possible.Ductless Climate Control for Shed Retreats

Options for stand-alone ductless climate control air conditioning units in your shed retreat.

A shed that has been converted into a comfortable livable space or space made to retreat to and hang out in, doesn’t carry the same requirements as an entire house climate control system or even that of a home addition. You more than likely will not be installing an entire ducted central HVAC system nor will you expand your home’s system into your shed. Instead you want to install a climate control system made for this small space alone.

For air conditioning in a shed there are a couple of options. One option is a traditional air conditioning only unit that sits inside of a window. The unit is placed in the bottom half of the window for venting and it pulls hot air from the room cools it over a small version of the same system that you would see in a large central HVAC system in a traditional home. It takes the air from the room, cools it, and sends the conditioned air back out into the space you were trying to cool. Of course this will obviously need a window for it to be possible.

Another option for air conditioning is a through the wall system. These types of units operate in the same manner as the window system, but they make their own window space. It is best to have an experienced contractor cut a hole in the side of the shed and install the unit for you if you have never done any type of work similar to this in the past. This can be an expensive venture if you are unaware of how to carry out the steps.

Considering a Mini Split HVAC System

If you would like to have both heating and cooling available within your shed retreat a mini split HVAC system may be the way to go. This ductless climate control mini split system combines central air conditioning with the through the wall unit. This system is installed in or on the wall just like the through the wall system and a contractor can make a much smaller hole for this system as compared to a standalone through the wall air conditioning unit. This wall unit only needs a pipe to go through the wall not the entire unit to sit in a hole in the wall.

A mini split system gets its name from the fact that the unit components are split similarly to large HVAC units. Instead of locating all the components inside one unit, the wall unit is only the conveyor. The heating and cooling take place in an outdoor unit that looks similar to the one needed for central AC in a traditional larger system that you see in many homes.

The drawback to this type of system is that it will require a larger upfront investment cost than other types of cooling systems. However, a mini split system is more energy efficient than having a separate air conditioner and separate heating system.

For more information on Ductless Climate Control for Shed Retreats and custom sheds in Arlington that are perfect for that outdoor retreat on your property please contact us anytime or come by and visit us in person.

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