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Custom Built Sheds are Great Field Storage for Sports Teams

Custom built sheds are often talked about for personal use in a homeowner’s backyard, but they can be very handy and helpful for a number of commercial uses as well. One of those great uses is as a field storage building for sports teams. In addition to field space to play, sports teams need outbuilding to store various equipment from items needed to play the game to tools needed to care for the fields.

Here are some great ways a custom built shed can help make operations go more smoothly at a sports facility.Custom Built Sheds are Great Field Storage for Sports Teams

Equipment Storage

From soccer goals, to running ladders, to training equipment, to track starter blocks, to baseball bats and more, every team has equipment that needs to be stored for play. We have even seen one recreational sports league use a storage shed to house a used equipment exchange. Custom sheds come in a range of styles and sizes to help accommodate for storing many different items. They can even be built with double doors to easily store large items.

Field Maintenance

Fields need constant maintenance and in order to make that maintenance happen, landscaping tools are needed. Help make the field crew’s job easier by placing a storage shed at the field to store equipment like lawnmowers, tractors, carts, trimmers/hedgers, clippers, grass feed, gloves, protective goggles, and more. You can even install a ramp for riding mowers to easily load in and out.

Press Box/Announcer’s Booth

With some custom adjustments, you can turn a shed into a shelter for those recording and reporting on all the action of a game. This is very handy in rainy seasons

Concession Stand

A custom built shed with a serving window cut into the side makes a great small space to sell some yummy snacks and small meal items like hot dogs, drinks, and popcorn. It will need to be wired for electricity to keep things running, but it is a great way to earn some extra funds for things like uniforms and travel to away games.


We go through a number of different weather elements here in the Pacific Northwest. What better way to keep players waiting to get back in the game comfortable than with a high-quality dug out shelter for the bench?


Need a place to hold parent meetings or go over video footage from the last game? Maybe just a space for a post-game celebration. There are many shed buildings and garage buildings that are large enough to gather a crowd.

If you are looking for some outbuildings, custom sheds are a convenient way to store a number of items at your sports facility give us a call or come see us. We build custom sheds in Western Washington and surrounding areas.

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